You know you're Italian when...

People often say that as you get older you can end up sounding or acting like your mother...

... but as of late we feel we are becoming a lot like our Italian Grandparents. Today we compiled a list of evidence for you...enjoy! :p

1) Our kitchen cupboards are always stocked up and filled to the brim with pasta!!!

2) There is no such thing as too much Baci or Perugina products! 

3) We panic when we start to run out of these three, olive oil and garlic!

4) Pizza is always a good idea!

5) We never use recipes when we cook. Food is made with love! A pinch of this, a pinch of that, eyeball this and eyeball that!

6) Family is the most important thing in the world!

7) When people come to our house, they can't leave without being fed!!!

8) We can't have Christmas without Pandoro or Panettone, so going into World Market at this time of year is therefore very dangerous and you may hear us squeal with glee...we get that excited!!

9) Rosary beads and pictures of Padre Pio adorn our bedroom walls and become the norm regarding d├ęcor, thanks to our Grandad!

10) Nutella...nuff said!!!

You'd think after being around all these wonderful Italian treats for the past 27 years, that we wouldn't necessarily feel the need to jump up and down every single time we see a jar of Nutella, but it has become a natural reaction for us! :p You might think us a little crazy but every time we see our Grandad's face at Christmas or his birthday, when he opens up a present of a bag of pasta and lights up, it doesn't seem crazy at all! We get it from him, his passion. His love for where he came from and food has not faltered one little bit over 89 years and we couldn't be more proud to follow in his footsteps! :) When we worry over everything and want everyone to be cared for and fed, we think of our Nanna and can't help but smile, we really do take after them so much, the little old Italian women in us are just coming our a little early! :p

Have a blessed day!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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