Remember, Remember The Fifth of November!

Bonfire night, Bonfire night, all the angels dressed in white,
One with an arrow, one with a bow,
One with a pimple on his toe.

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night, as it's also known, is a British celebration that happens every 5th November. We celebrate the failed plot to blow up the houses of parliament in 1605. A man named Guy Fawkes came up with what we call "The Gunpowder plot." He, along with a group of his friends, put 36 barrels of Gunpowder in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament in London, in order to blow up King James 1 and his government! Back then England was a protestant country and Guy Fawkes and his men were Catholic, they believed that by getting rid of the King, they could return England to a country of Catholic faith. The plan was discovered after one of Guy Fawkes' men had sent a letter to a friend, who worked in the Houses of Parliament, telling him to stay away from there on 5th November. The Kings men got hold of the letter, which led them down to the cellars to arrest Guy Fawkes and his group, ensuring that this awful explosion never took place!

How to celebrate!

We celebrate by spending the evening around a Bonfire, letting off fireworks and eating treacle toffee and toffee apples! A lot of pubs or rugby clubs back home will do huge Bonfires that you can just go to, meet friends and hang out. They are very popular! When we were growing up, Mum and Dad used to take us out to these places and we loved watching the roaring bonfires and seeing everyone chatting and having a good time. It was always the time of year that our Nanna Knott would make us sticky, jet black treacle toffee, that we would get so excited about, yet we never actually knew how to go about eating it! One year mum even bought us the Candy apples that have the red, crystal like, sticky sugar all over them, we remember this vividly to this day because Mum did not know how to feed them to us and we could tell she wasn't so sure about all the sugar. She ended up putting them in the oven to "soften." ahh memories! Alas, as we got a little older, Bonfire Night became a night where Dad would bring home awful but fun fireworks to let off in the back garden, we would shriek with glee and run around outside with sparklers and our excitement would double when Grandad gave mum a bag of chestnuts to cook! To this day, Chestnuts remind us of 5th November and bring back, warm, happy, comforting memories!! :)

Treacle toffee!
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Here we have compiled a list of our "Bonfire Night essentials" for spending the night in the comfort of your own home!
  • Build your own bonfire, if you so wish! It can be rather dangerous though, so make sure you have someone who is quite confident at building fires and keep pets locked inside and children a good distance away!
  • Buy some fun fireworks to enjoy with your family!
  • Make sure you have sparklers and proceed to have fun writing your name, drawing hearts in the air or pretending you're a wizard...harry. Ahem..
  • Buy a pack of Chestnuts, roast chestnuts and consume!
  • Treat yourself to some treacle toffee if you can figure out how to eat it and a candy apple!
  • You may also sip on hot chocolate with extra whipped cream as you stand round your Bonfire..well done if you've been brave enough to make one of your own, or as you watch the fireworks! 

To all our British readers, be safe tomorrow and have a wonderful Bonfire Night! For those who don't celebrate this day,we hope you've enjoyed our little history lesson! :)

Lucy and Kelly


  1. I absolutely love bonfire and your tips are exactly how I hope to be celebrating! I've never tried treacle toffee but it sounds incredible! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Aww hope you have an awesome time! :) We hope to be home to celebrate it properly again soon! :) Ooh you must try treacle toffee, it's a little tricky to eat but it is delicious, just be careful of your teeth! :p xx