Makeup Monday: Tartelette Palette!

I have had my eyes on this Tartlette palette from Tarte since it came out, earlier this year, but as I don't tend to wear a ton of eye shadow these days, I always put off buying it. Every time I walked past it in Sephora I had to look at it though, I simply adored the colours and the whole look of the palette itself. I had seen all of my favourite Youtubers from Jaclyn Hill, to Amanda Ensing, to Casey Holmes create gorgeous looks with it, not to mention my friend Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick kept telling me that I must own it, in addition to the beautiful tutorial she did on her blog too. With a wrestling show coming up this past weekend, I really wanted to get back into the swing of doing an entire makeup look and play with my eyes like I used to. Lucky for me the Sephora 20% off sale happened the weekend before the show, so I bit the bullet and added this stunning palette to my collection! :) 

The palette consists of 12 matte shades. You have creams, light pinks, tans, mauves, purples, to deep purples and every single shade is smooth, blendable and pigmented. Furthermore, you can create so many pretty looks with this palette, from romantic, clean and simple, to deep, smokey and edgy. 

It truly is stunning. The palette retails for $45 and although I was happy to save a few dollars purchasing it during the 20% off weekend, I do think it is worth it and that's after having only used it once! :)  

This past weekend I re-created Casey Holmes look. I found it super fun and easy to do and loved the way the colours went together. I am eager to experiment with the gorgeous Valentines look that Jaclyn Hill did and the smokey look Amanda Ensing did. :) I just can't wait to play around with this palette, it is hands down my favourite eye shadow palette that I own. Moreover, I feel like the shades are perfect for me as I can start experimenting with some of the lighter shades for everyday looks and then go bolder for nights out. And if like me you are just starting to practice with your eye looks or you are a beginner to makeup, I feel this palette will be awesome for you as no shade seems too scary or complicated to use. :)

Tarte recently came out with Tartelette 2, Tartelette in Bloom and that looks just as gorgeous, however, I am rather fond of the purple shades in this first one and the fact that it is all matte. The browns, tans and creams in Tartelette in Bloom do look very pretty though. If you are looking for a palette with a mixture of shimmer and matte shades as well as something more neutral, I would definitely recommend having a look at the Tartelette 2. Go Tarte for making two wonderful Tarteltte palettes!! :)

You can see the makeup look I did with the Tarteltte palette in the latest episode of Life is Sweet! :) Brews and Bruises Vlog!

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy xx

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