Makeup Monday: Champagne Glow Review! :)

I have been super excited about the launch of this Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill palette. At first I thought to myself that I really didn't need a highlighter palette, as my Champagne Pop is more than enough for me and will probably last me quite a long time, then when they revealed what was inside the palette I simply just couldn't resist. I had heard a few people had got their palettes early but my Sephora's didn't have them when I checked the weekend prior to it's set release date on November 30th, so this past weekend I giddily walked into Sephora at JC Penney only to find that strangely enough they didn't have it then either. Then I popped into the big Sephora at Oxmoor also to find it nowhere it sight, insert sad face. However, when I went to ask one of the ladies working there I suddenly felt like I was a part of this super secret club. She was incredibly sweet and friendly and took me to the secret stash at the front of the store. She explained that they were keeping them in a drawer as they were going to sell out fast. I had a lovely chat with the girls behind the checkout, who were all excited about the palette too, and I skipped back to the car, Champagne Glow in hand! :p 

I have to say that the packaging is rather stunning and is definitely part of the reason I was suckered in. It's very elegant and I love everything about the gold!

Doesn't it look so pretty?! :) I am a huge, huge fan of 'Champagne Pop', in actual fact it is probably one of my most used and favourite products in my makeup collection, so I loved the idea of having a backup, which is new for me as I'm not normally like that, but it really is just that gorgeous. :) The white shade 'Pearl' I had heard so many great things about and the 'Bronzed Copper' is the one that I was most eager to try and play with as I don't have anything like it. 

These three highlighters swatch beautifully, they are so incredibly smooth, blendable and pigmented and simply give the perfect, most gorgeous amount of glow. Of course, I already adore 'Champagne Pop' but this past weekend I tried a look using 'Blushed Copper' as an all over lid and 'Pearl' as an inner corner highlight and I loved it. The colours are just so incredibly pretty and the blushed copper seemed so elegant on the lid. I can't wait to see what other sorts of looks I can create. I have already seen quite a few through Instagram and they seem absolutely perfect for this time of year. You know you want to glow throughout the festive season and most definitely bring in New Year with a bit of Champagne and...what do they say "Bang"?...well in this case we're going to go with POP! :p

I think the palette is definitely worth $34, the amount you get of each shade is considerably smaller than if you were to buy one shade individually, but the palette gives you 7.20g of product all together and you get to try three different shades, to which a little goes a long way with all of them. An individual highlighter would give you 8g of just one shade at $38. So overall, I would highly recommend this palette, especially if you are looking to see which highlighter you like best or what suits you, it's a great value for money! :) Furthermore, I imagine this palette will last me a long time and I can even mix and match the shades to create new colours! :) Win all around!

Happy Monday!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Love the colors of these products!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. The packaging is quite pretty and the swatches look really good.