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Over the past nine months we have been working at Laughter and Lullabies Daycare, which is conveniently located in our apartment complex. This is the first childcare job we have had in the US. We worked with children back home in England for eight years whilst we were pursuing our wrestling dreams and then again every time we were home for a decent amount of time. Needless to say, working with children here in KY made us feel more at home and like we were a little more settled, even the walk to work reminded us of days walking to and from schools in our little town of Stockport.

Alas today is our last day at Laughter and Lullabies Daycare, as soon, we will be heading back to Stockport for a few months (which we are super excited for) and upon our return we are looking to possibly move States...Florida seems to be calling our names again, we will keep you posted! As much as we are looking forward to these changes and the new adventures that await, we are going to be sad to say goodbye to Laughter and Lullabies and the wonderful staff there. Working with children, whilst extremely rewarding, definitely has it's moments. We have learnt, laughed, grown and had the odd cry with these ladies and can safely say, work wouldn't have been the same without them! They are an awesome bunch of people whom we are so happy to have met and had the privilege of working with and to call friends. :)

All dressed for Superhero party day!

When you work with children every day is different, you have no idea what moods they are going to be in or what milestones they are going to hit or achieve that day. It makes it fun and interesting and like we said before, extremely rewarding. There is nothing quite like witnessing a baby take their first steps or eat solid food for the first time or seeing a four year old write their name and remember that a 3-D Pyramid has a square base while a cone has a circle base!

In recent years we have been used to school age children, so there was a lot to get used to at daycare during the first few weeks, diapers, bottles, potty training, energetic two year olds, it's definitely been a learning experience for us. It has also been a time where we have said things on a daily basis that one would never expect to say at work and that have made us turn to our co-workers and laugh at/with each other through the sheer hilarity of not quite believing the words that just came out of our mouths. Here we have compiled a list for your reading pleasure of some of those sentences courtesy of the Preschoolers. We must say thank you to the children for the giggles, laughs and entertainment. We have to admit that even when we are completely worn out at the end of the day, they have all impacted our lives and have given us memories to treasure, stories to share and filled our hearts with that much more joy. Ahem...

"Please don't eat the mulch!"

"Why is there mulch in your pants?"

"Get his foot out of your mouth!"

"Please don't lick your shoe!"

"Stop lounging on the toilet, you are not in the bath!"

"You are walking up the stairs, not climbing Mount Everest!" 

"Get your head out of the toilet"

"Get your feet out of the toilet"

"Do not draw on your legs with that marker"

"No, it's glue! Don't lick it!"

"Why are you putting your Broccoli in your milk?"

"Fish is in fish sticks, not chicken."

The babies aren't without their funny moments too! Here are some sentences you may hear on a daily basis from the baby room:

"We do not eat our friends!"

"Please do not lick the fridge."

"Careful, don't sit on his head."

"We don't eat books, we read them."

"Eeek, please don't pull my pants down."
- The joys of wearing scrubs whilst babies are learning to pull themselves up on everything eager to walk! :p

Hope these made you giggle and gave you a little insight into our daily lives at work. We would like to thank all the children again for filling the past nine months with lots of wonderful moments, as well as the parents and staff at Laughter and Lullabies. We will miss you all and have enjoyed watching your children grow and working alongside you (respectively) :)

If you live in Louisville and are looking for an amazing daycare, we highly recommend Laughter and Lullabies, the staff is beyond wonderful and each day is filled with so much laughter, creativity and love. :)

Lots of Love
Lucy and Kelly 

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