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Kelly and I will readily admit, and often joke about the fact, that we are not exactly fashionistas and much prefer wearing our pajama pants and jumpers above all else. Our closets are very minimal and simple. We like to give stuff to Goodwill if we are buying new stuff and therefore we always know what's in our wardrobe and that we are putting things to use. We don't like to be wasteful. We also tend to wear items for years and years and years before its either really worn out, we don't feel comfortable in it anymore or it's not really our style anymore. At times this routine can sometimes get boring and often lead to me standing in front of my wardrobe, moaning at my husband that I don't know what to wear and...literally... have nothing to wear! :p It's not that I don't try, I love clothes and I enjoy seeing pictures of the latest trends or girls all dressed up glam or with cute signature styles and I have to be honest, I envy them a little. I will admit that I want to have a style, I want to be able to dress for any occasion in a heartbeat and I want to feel put together. My last attempt at putting together an outfit got me thinking and I realized it all came down to one thing...CONFIDENCE.

I remember the days of being blissfully na├»ve to the world around me, when a wrestling shirt was all I needed and the same pair of baggy green cargo pants were my daily attire. I remember Dad wanting us to dress nicer. I remember wearing one of my Mum's simple red and white, slightly more fitted, t-shirts for an own clothes day once at school and feeling so incredibly uncomfortable, that at 16 years of age on my last day of high school, I quite happily returned back to wearing my Jeff Hardy t-shirt, my favourite green pants and my MADE hoodie. I felt a little pressure when we went to family functions and knew that society didn't seem to take to teens being dressed like such, but I didn't overthink it. I was happy, comfortable and most importantly loved and felt content with said outfits. Oh the simple life! :p

Throughout the rest of my teen years I'm pretty certain that my outfit choices didn't change that drastically. Though when we got into wrestling and started making more friends and just generally getting older, suddenly our brains kicked in a little and we were more aware of what we wanted to wear and that we wanted to look a little more girly. I think this was when the bubble burst and I welcomed insecurity with open arms...well not exactly, but it was more than ready to welcome me! :p All of a sudden I was more conscious of society, more conscious of wanting to look presentable. It wasn't exactly a bad thing, as I am quite the happy, bubbly person, so it was somewhat of a natural fit to want to wear bright colours and I seemed to be drawn to floaty dresses, but that doesn't mean to say that I didn't second guess myself or feel really anxious every time I  wore them. I would get scared of people looking at me, the attention it might get, because in the back of my mind I was stepping out of my comfort zone and I thought everyone could see that and knew that too. In retrospect it's not so much what people would think of my actual outfit, it's more the psychological battle in my head! :p

Throughout our wrestling careers I felt like there was always this pressure to dress 'sexy', to be 'sexy' and glam and though I adore looking at pictures of stylish girls, outfit ideas, glam sophisticated women, and I admire them so much, it's not a natural fit for me. Putting together outfits out of my comfort zone makes me nervous. I would have been quite happy walking around in leggings, fluffy socks and a cozy sweater! :p Though I know that would have been deemed inappropriate attire, when addressing 8000 people in the Manchester Arena, i'm sure! :p I'm not saying I don't love dresses and getting dressed up, it's just that I actually often wonder what it would feel like to put on a killer outfit and leave the house with out all the steps in between of wondering if I look ok and feeling anxious and nervous. Anyone else get anxious when they have to dress up? It seems to come with the territory for me.

However, I feel like in recent months I have been finding myself again, away from the wrestling business, being a married women, it's like I'm figuring out what I feel awesome in, figuring out what makes me happy and confident and not either succumbing to pressures of society or the fear in my brain that I'm not doing it right or that I can't wear this or that. I have been setting myself little goals as of late, such as, organizing my wardrobe into clothes that go together, to save me overthinking if I have to throw something together quickly, and buying pieces that I truly love and can picture mix and matching with other items I own. In addition, I have been getting inspired by the likes of Amanda Ensing and want to work on allowing the confident/believing in myself part of me to shine through a whole lot more. I feel like it is a waste of time to not wear what you want to wear and not to try styles and looks that you like because you think it won't look good on you. Life is short, I want to step out of my comfort zone more and be the person I see in my head. Furthermore, and sort of on the other hand, I am learning to not feel pressured by society and what others deem as put together and sexy, etc. I think we should treat everyone we meet with respect whether they are wearing sweat pants or a fitted dress. We should look at the person behind the style instead of judging them or putting them into a 'what type of person' they are category, based on what clothes they are wearing.

I do have to say that clothes are just material items, they don't define who you are as a person and what is in your heart but we all know that sometimes when you put on your favourite outfit and when you wear your hair how you like it, with your best makeup or no makeup, that you can at often times feel ready to rule the day! :) So here's to finding those outfits and having the confidence to try new things, step outside your comfort zone and not letting fear or anxiety stop you having fun and enjoying all of life's little pleasures.

Speaking of little pleasures, Kelly and I recently came across a website called Human, who do the most awesome Jumpers, we quite literally could just purchase a jumper for the 365 days of the year and be good to go...not even kidding! :p Like I mentioned above, a pair of comfy leggings and a t-shirt is an outfit that I am quite happy and confident in, so for now I'm just going to run with it, especially as it's the perfect outfit for this time of year! :)

Here are some of our favourite Jumpers from their site that we simply couldn't resist!! Perfect for Kelly and I!

Have an awesome day!
Love Lucy xx

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