Good Ol' Fashioned Christmas!

Ladies and Gentlemen today is the day!! You can now buy The Overtones Christmas album in the UK!! America you have to wait till the 4th December but you can pre-order it now!! YAY! 

We have been HUGE fans of The Overtones for the last three years, they are just amazing and quite literally the perfect band for us! We have grown up going to car shows with Dad, listening to the sounds of the 50's and 60's and listened to The Temptations and Motown any time we went on long trips in the car. We love that era of music, so when we first discovered The Overtones, it was love at first song, shall we say! The suits, the sound, the moves, they had it all and with each album they put out, not only did they come up with new, original songs but they bought back songs that we already knew and loved! 

They are a band that we have been fortunate enough to enjoy live three times and believe us, you MUST experience them live one day! They are bloody marvelous! They are a band we get to enjoy with our Mum and Dad too, which we love. Mum has seen then twice with us and last time Dad came too! You can read about that awesome night here! :)  

Our favourite thing to do when we are home is listen to them with our little sister, while singing our little hearts out, either in the car or in the kitchen. We regularly and by that we me mean EVERY DAY have dance parties in our kitchen while helping Mum cook! For the past few years, at this time of the year, we have often said to each other that they need a Christmas album, so you can imagine how we felt when we found out that this year would be the year that they actually do!!

We are so beyond excited, it's crazy! There is guaranteed to be plenty of dancing, squealing and warm fuzzy feelings when we get our hands on our copies!! Christmas is our favourite time of year and this just made it even better! Family time and happiness at its finest! 

Get yourself a copy TODAY!!! :) You should also check out their other albums too!

Lucy and Kelly

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