An Interview with Wrestler & Bodybuilder Rob Terry!

We can not tell you how excited we are to bring you this interview today! Not only is Rob Terry, a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, actor, fitness model and personal trainer, he is also one of the nicest guys you could ever have the pleasure of meeting...seriously!!

Originally from Swansea in Wales, Rob now lives in Clearwater, Florida. He has wrestled all over the world for TNA wrestling, spent time in Louisville, Kentucky with Ohio Valley Wrestling and before all that was training with WWE in Florida Championship wrestling. As well as being a professional wrestler, Rob is the Worlds Largest Natural Pro Bodybuilder, regularly appears in commercials and fitness magazines and is the official spokesperson for LegendSupps. It's safe to say Rob Terry is one pretty Kick Ass dude!!!
His passion, dedication to his craft and ability to stay so humble and nice, are just a few of the things we greatly admire about him. We count ourselves lucky to call Rob a friend and we hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did! :)

1) Like us you currently live in the USA. What do you miss most about home?
First of all thank you for having me be part of your blog.

Yes I have been living in the United States for just over eight years.

As much as I enjoy living here in Florida there are things that I do miss from my hometown of Swansea Wales. I am very close to my family so of course I wish I could see everyone more often including my friends who I grew up with. Where I am from in Wales we have incredible scenic landscapes especially down the Gower Peninsula. Which is always one of my favorite places to visit when I am in the UK. I try and make it back for a visit every year. I look forward to my next trip!
2) We know you are a huge fan of comic books and the Marvel movies but who is your favourite Superhero of all time?
Yes it is no secret that I am a full blown super hero nerd!
If I were to choose a favorite, which is an extremely hard task on its own I would have to stay true to the first superhero that I was introduced to and that would be non other than "The Man Of Steel" Superman.
3) Speaking of Superheros, if you could have any superpower what would you pick?
One super power I have been working on for many years is super strength. I'm almost there... But in all seriousness I think I would have to go with the ability to fly!
4) We love to bake and often have fun recipes on the blog. When and if you have a little break from you diet, what is your must have treat?
Having time out from dieting is very hard for me. It's something that I have continuously be doing for about ten years and it has become a lifestyle. I generally have 1 cheat meal a week or every other week which would either be an Italian, Indian or Chinese cuisine. I really do love my food, unfortunately non of these would work on my nutrition plan. So I have to keep these cheat foods limited!
5) You've traveled to many different places throughout your wrestling and bodybuilding career, where has been your favourite place and do you have a certain city or country you are yet to tick off your list?
Yes I consider myself extremely privileged to have seen many parts of the world. Some of my favorite places that I have been to would have to be Tokyo Japan and Sydney Australia. 
One place that needs to be checked off my list would have to be a tour of Italy!
6) Who are some of your inspirations in the bodybuilding world and what got you into it?
The person that inspired me to get into bodybuilding would have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I think what really connected me to Arnold was that he had the ability to want something so much, visualize it and then do everything in his power to make it a reality. To me this was power at it's finest. 

7) How much do you split your training up between strength training to get stronger and bodybuilding to get bigger? 
I believe that strength training should be applied in a training split continuously. Movements such as the squat, bench press and dead lift are essential to building thickness and density to the muscles. I also apply strength training to all other movements to create the same results. The execution is constantly strict and good form is key. As soon as the bodys form starts to break down, you are going too heavy. 
I have always believed that you should always be as strong as you look and vice versa!
8) How do you like to train? What muscle groups do you train together etc?
I love to train with extreme intensity! 
People often ask me about making personal improvements to themselves and most of the time its a matter of them turning up the intensity.
As far as a training split nothing is structured anymore as I go by how my body feels that particular day. I train seven days a week, sometimes twice a day. I split my cardio training in the morning and weight training later on in the day. 
While I am weight training, I look to break down and attack a body part from as many different angles as possible until complete exhaustion.
9) With having to keep to a very strict food regime, is it easy now to keep in check? When do you do your food prep and when do you layoff?
Yes following such a tailored nutrition plan is vital to replenish and fuel my body after such intense workouts. It is also important for me to stay consistent with my diet. For the most part I do find it quite easy as I prepare my food in bulk. By doing this my food is always accessible to me through out the day, especially when travelling. However if I am on the road travelling for more than a week, my only option is for me to order out at restaurants as healthy as possible. 
10) You have been a wrestling fan since you were a kid, who did you look up to the most? 
Yes all my friends growing up were huge wrestling fans and I was no different. I was always drawn to the larger than life personalities who were in incredible shape. Some of the wrestlers I looked up to growing up were Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, British Bulldog and the Road Warriors!
11) Out of all the people who you have worked with in TNA, OVW and WWE back in FCW, who has been one of your favourite opponents?
It has been a pleasure to have worked with so many extremely talented performers in the wrestling industry. Especially looking back when I was a teenager in the United Kingdom and a fan of Professional Wrestling.
However one of my most memorable matches would have to be defeating Eric Young in Cardiff Wales where I won the Global Championship title in front of my family and friends. This was definitely an unforgettable experience for me!
12) Whether it's wrestling, bodybuilding and shooting commercials with your gorgeous wife, you keep very busy. Where can we see you next? Do you have any projects you are currently working on and can share with us? 
Yes it is alway a plus working with my amazing and gorgeous wife Sarah, she is my rock in everything I do.
Currently I am working with a supplement company in the United Kingdom called Legend Supps that has a super charged BCAA amino acid drink to support muscles during hard intense workouts. 
Check out for more details.

In 2016 I look to hit the bodybuilding stage to test myself against some of the best natural bodybuilder's in the word! I look to do multiple shows including the Natural Universe in Las Vegas. I will continue to wrestle world wide, so to keep up with me you can follow me on my social media links below. Thanks for the continuous support guys!

Twitter: @RobTerryimpact
Instagram: WelshWarriorRobTerry


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