Sanrio! Small gift, big smile! :)

Growing up I think we went through every phase possible. Pokémon, check. Beanie Babies, check. Paws for thought, check. (Who remembers that by the way? So cute.) Forever friends, check. Pogs, check. Pocket dragons, check. Gareth Gates, check. Skateboarding, check, to name a few. But I think the biggest one of all had to be...can you guess?... Sanrio. Yes, we absolutely adored Hello Kitty and her array of utterly adorable little friends. Back in primary school we had a friend called Rachel, who we shall blame for introducing us to the world of Sanrio. Thank you Rachel! :p We used to have the most awesome sleepovers, making pizza with her Dad and printing pictures of all the characters we loved. Rachel's Dad often worked away and would always bring back little delights, we would get so excited as Rachel shared countless stickers and sweet collectibles with us. When we were around 10 years old, we headed to The Big Apple for the first time to see our Auntie and our cousins. We were super giddy when we got to the malls and saw huge displays of all things Sanrio. To this day we still laugh and think of dragging our poor cousin Mike around all the shops just so we could get our little paws on mini gumball machines, pens and pencil cases galore and every sticker the shop had. Oh yes, we were obsessed with stickers too and even had sticker books.

I don't think we have actually fully out grown this Sanrio phase though. We still get giddy when we come across something Hello Kitty, or for me Kerropi, as he was my favourite. Kelly loved Pochocco. It is something from our childhood that to this day makes us smile. We still have many of the things that we collected when we were younger back home tucked away in our bedrooms. Our favourite things being our big box pencil cases. When Rachel's Dad made a trip one time, our Mum and Dad asked him to pick some things up for our Christmas or birthday presents, (I can't remember which) to surprise us. We were beyond thrilled and have treasured them since we first laid eyes on them. Though I imagine many phases must have drove our Mum and Dad crazy (but surely Dad loved hearing Good Charlotte's The Young and Hopeless album on full blast every single morning before we went to school...for 2 years.) they were always the absolute sweetest in letting us have our fun. When we love something we really, truly love it and go full force into it. Thinking about it, I'm so happy that Mum and Dad encouraged this. Whether it be a phase or not, something as simple as stickers or teddy bears, or as big as moving 4000 miles away from home to pursue wrestling, (which everyone thought would be a phase too) you never know where things may lead. So enjoy your phases, whatever they may be, encourage your children's phases and all those around you. After all we must enjoy life, live it to it's fullest, do what we love and never regret anything that ever made us smile?! :)

Here are a few little pieces that we have picked up in recent years that have made us smile! :)

My most recent purchases. Purin is slowly becoming my new favourite. I go though notebooks like crazy and when I saw these on I couldn't resist.

My collection of Keroppi lunch boxes and bags has grown over the years! :) So cute! Kelly and her Chris surprised me with the beach bag and stripy lunch box set one day, after spotting them in the Sanrio store in Orlando airport. :)

We, of course, adore Sanrio's Little Twin Stars and Kelly's collection is steadily growing. They have to be one of the cutest Sanrio characters and all their prints or just so pretty and pastel and colourful! :)

We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. What are some things that you loved growing up? Do you still have those interests now? Are you fans of Sanrio too?

Have a happy day!

Love Lucy xx


  1. As Rachel's pizza-making and travelling Dad, I'm really touched that you remember me, and I'm so glad that the little gifts that I bought back gave so much pleasure.
    Secretly, Sanrio character "Bad Badtz Maru" (as seen at ) was my own real favorite.

  2. I'm still a big Sanrio fan. I got my first item when I was 6 and have been in love with it ever since. Great post!

  3. I really love Kiki and Lala. I always get excited whenever I see san rio merchandise in UK shops. ^-^'

    That notebook looks so cute, I don't think I could taint such a nice looking notebook with my scribbly handwriting myself! haha

    Your post brings back such nostalgia, I also agree that there are just some things in life that we can just never seem to grow out of and they should definitely be cherished!

    Rebecca ☆