Retro Planet Wishlist!

Getting time to spend browsing through Retro Gifts from Retro Planet is a very dangerous thing!! You may already know by now from my wedding post and Welcome to the 50's post, that I love all things Classic American Cars and 50's related, by in large thanks to our Dad! I have tin signs galore, a 57 Chevy Belair themed diner, fit with napkin holders, a 3D wall clock and salt and pepper shakers, as well as a diner style table and chair set which I adore! I also found loads of cute things from this site for my wedding too! I really could just spend hours scrolling through every page as my brain goes crazy planning rooms with different themes! I was even chatting with my Dad about what kind of theme my diner back home could be, when I live there of course! I do love my cars but I love the idea of a Route 66 theme or an old fashioned British theme or even just go all out with all the classic diner things they have!! See, the options are truly endless!!

Today I thought I would share with you my little wish list from this site! If you are anything like me, you will love it and get super excited!! :)

I seem to be drawn to tin signs, I just love the way they look, at first I thought putting them all on one side of my dining area would look too over the top but it actually looks awesome and every time I look over at it I smile!
What do you think?

First up! Here are some of the signs that I feel I can't resist and must own one day!  

 Ice Cream Parlour Metal Sign Fish & Chips Tin Signs
How cute are they?? These would definitely be for my "British" wall, which is what my Dad came up with when I was telling him about what I had found! He is the best! :)

This sign just looks awesome, I love Corvettes!! It's metal and 3D and would go perfect in my diner!

Next, I love these but am still debating on with or without the napkin holder. Which one would you pick?

BBQ Condiments Set
Tableware Dispensers Set

You can also get them in Coca Cola themes, which also look very awesome, that's a whole other idea too, a coca cola kitchen and diner, there are tons of items that would be perfect!

Last but not least, something a little more extravagant for my wish list...

                                                   Crosley Mini CD Jukebox

Now this is a CD jukebox, so it's obviously a lot smaller than a proper Jukebox, I wouldn't really know where to put a full size one anyway so this is just perfect, you can also get an Ipod one, which looks like a very cool Ipod dock! I am still old fashioned though and love buying CD's especially from my favourite bands! Can you imagine how cool The Overtones would sound coming out of this little beauty!!! One day!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my little wish list, you can click on the pictures for more information on each product! Let me know what your favourite thing would be and if you like the 50's era! I would love to see any of your homemade diners too! :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That diner would look completely lovely in your place, Kelly. I say go for the very first napkin holder!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Thanks Angie! That actually is my diner!! :p I kind like the first one too! :)