Our Top 10 favourite Instagram accounts! :)

We would have to say that we think Instagram is probably our favourite social networking platform. We simply love pictures. We are big into scrapbooking and love having photos adorning the walls of our apartments. We adore that pictures can capture wonderful family/friend moments and take you back to that time and place years down the line. We love that pictures can inspire you, being it a makeup look, outfit or actual art. We get giddy over seeing bright coloured, cute, pretty pictures every single day. It's fun to see the creative minds behind photos. No longer do we just snap away but we feel now even taking a simple picture of an object has become an art project. It's exciting to us and we have really loved learning, evolving and thinking about how we take pictures for this blog and even every day! :)
Photo from google images!

Today we thought we would share our Top 10 Favourite Instagram accounts, that we just can't get enough of! :) (In no particular order) All pictures are from their actual accounts, click on their names and go follow them! :) 

We recently came across this delightful account and simply adore it. How cute is this mug? They cover all our pretty book needs and always manage to whisk us away to our dream book worlds. :) 

Ro is one of our favourite YouTuber's and we love seeing pictures of all her creations. Her pictures are always so fun and will make you feel inspired to get in the kitchen and bake, bake, bake!! :) 

LOOK at this picture...look at it!! Goodness, it's just beautiful. We adore Ursula's pictures,they capture our love of books so much and just give us this overwhelming sense of happiness. If you are a book lover, you must take a look at her Instagram! :) 

We challenge anyone to watch The Longest Ride and not fall in love with Scott Eastwood! We certainly did! Apart from just seeing his gorgeous face every time he uploads a photo though, you get to see his fun, outgoing, lover of life personality which we find very inspiring and very sweet. 

We went to High school with this gorgeous lady and couldn't quite believe it when we saw all her pin up photos! Back in school we loved a lot of the same things, namely Johnny Depp and Busted, so when we left and hadn't been in touch for a while it was funny to see that we had also developed a love for all things 50's and pin up! It makes us smile seeing the stunning photos that she has and we definitely recommend you take a look! :) 

It was only recently we came across this account, but every morning it makes our mouths water when delicious images like this appear in front of our eyes! Giada is Italian, so it also means we get a quick Italian lesson as we attempt to translate the descriptions! A foodies paradise for sure! :) 

Amanda Ensing is beautiful inside and out. She is always on point with her style and of course her makeup. We can't help feel a sense of confidence when looking at her pictures. Definitely gives us a boost of girl power and being happy with yourself and who you are. :) 

This is one place that we feel a strong connection with and is at the top of our Must Visit list. Our childhood was filled with these amazing treats thanks to our Grandad's trips back home to Italy. They fill our hearts with so much love and happiness and every time we scroll through our Instagrams and see their pictures we cant help but smile from ear to ear. :) 

So he may be our favourite brother (our one and only) but we promise we are not being biased. Chris is awesome if you are looking for a little daily motivation, be it with your workouts, diet and nutrition or just your daily life. He is often funny to boot too and will make you laugh, we guarantee! :) 

Does this picture need justifying with words...we didn't think so! :p We love the people over at Team C Evans for enriching our lives with the ever gorgeous and always lovely Chris Evans! :) 

We hope you enjoyed this little favourites list and that you take a look at some of these accounts yourselves. Please let us know of any accounts you think we may like in the comments below!

Have a happy Monday!
Lucy and Kelly

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