Nothing beats good old fashioned Owl Post!

It's no secret that we LOVE writing cards and letters, especially now that we live so far away from home. We love that feeling of making someones day, when they see that someone has thought about them upon checking their mail! We know how excited we get when there is something other than a bill or junk mail in our post box, so why not pass that excitement on?!! :) We absolutely adore getting parcels ready to send to our little sister and will often sit and write a bunch of cards at a time to every member of our family. Even if it's just a little update and to ask how they are, we know the thought is always appreciated and that our Mum and Sister enjoy handing them out.

Nowadays with so much technology though it seems sometimes we forget good old fashioned "Snail Mail" or "Owl Post" as we like to call it now, Thank you Harry Potter! It seems so much easier to wish someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook or via text, but we urge you not to, "Owl Post" is the way to go! You will make someones day, plus there is so much cute and adorable, pretty and elegant, (whatever your style may be) stationary and cards available these days...

Ahh yes, the cards and stationary, who doesn't love finding cute cards to stock up your card box? Anyone else have one? Just us? Surely not? There is nothing quite as satisfying as a card box full to the brim of gorgeous cards that you know your friends and family will love! Don't even get us started on Christmas card shopping...eeek the excitement is TOO much!! 

If, like us, you get this excited over cards and want a place you can get great designs, as well as place custom orders too, then please check out this beautiful Etsy page: Ink Topiary! owned by our lovely friend Ryan.

Ryan makes the cutest Christmas cards, so cute that I think I kept one of them on my fridge for about three years...not even joking!! Go and take a look at the website! She does all kinds of awesome stuff, Birthday cards, invites, Announcements, Wedding cards and printable's. You can also do those custom orders too, so if you want personal Christmas cards this year, put in your order today!! :)

Hope you find what you are looking for and can get creative thinking of a fun Christmas idea, I'm wondering whether a family photo of Myself, my Husband and our Tortoise would make for a festive greeting...what do you think?! ;) 

Have a great day!

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