Makeup Monday: Liquid lipsticks & Champagne Glow!

I think my most obsessed over makeup item of recent months has got to be Liquid Lipsticks. I have to admit that I hopped on the bandwagon with a skip in my step and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the delightful colours that different brands had available. I also found the whole Liquid lipstick premise really interesting and thought it would be great for me, as with them supposedly lasting all day long and not budging, and me being someone that always forgets to take the lipstick they are wearing with them anywhere for touch ups...I am a little lazy when it comes to that...what could be more perfect?! :p Nothing but a product that is basically a lipstick, goes on smooth and liquid and dries matte, doesn't budge and often claims that you won't need to re-apply. Yes please! :)

The first liquid lipstick I purchased was that off my Wishlist a little while back. I saw Jaclyn Hill wearing it in one of her videos and fell in love with the vibrant colour that was 'Carina' by Anastasia of Beverly Hills. I was excited to try something new and really wanted to test these liquid lipsticks out for myself. I have to say the Anastasia formula is rather nice. It's incredibly smooth and easy to apply, no patches or pulling on the lips. This was all re-affirmed when I bought 'Dusty Rose' from the same brand. I love the colour so much and again the consistency is creamy and glides on when applying and the pigmentation is just beautiful. I will admit though, that when I heard people saying how liquid lipsticks can be drying, I wondered what they meant exactly, and now after having tried them, I understand. It takes a bit of getting used too. I for one can not go a few hours without applying my Bliteze or a lip balm over the top. Once I have a balm over the top though, I am usually good to go. In addition, the Anastasia of Beverly Hills lipsticks are truly great for no touch ups, when I wear them they last really well, though I usually have more of a stain at the end of the day rather than a really vibrant colour. I can definitely see the reason why they are so popular after purchasing these two lipsticks! :)

Now, my latest Liquid Lipstick and the one I have been saving and waiting for the most is Dose of Colors 'Stone'. It was released as part of a 3 piece set earlier this year, I want to say for IMATS, and everyone went crazy over the gorgeous colours. I think it may have then been available on their website shortly after but i'm not 100% sure. Anyway, the shade 'Stone' became increasingly popular and I kept seeing it everywhere. One of my favourite beauty gurus, Amanda Ensing, raved about it and the looks she created with this colour were simply stunning, that I hoped I could get my hands on it at some point. A few weeks back they released it for single purchase and I couldn't resist. I think this has to be my favourite packaging out of all the liquid lipsticks, lipsticks and lip-glosses I own, I just adore it. The cap is white with a silver band and the tube frosted. It is so pretty and feels rather elegant. The colour itself is beautiful and again one of my favourite shades, if not my absolute favourite, that I own. It is a nude, pink, mauve shade and for me has the perfect amount of pink in it which I love. I am not a huge fan of the beige nudes, as on me they don't work, so that pink just gives it enough warmth that it doesn't wash me out. It is simply a stunning colour. When I went away last weekend I wore it 4 days straight and got so excited every time I applied it! :) This liquid lipstick smells nice, goes on incredibly light and smooth and has amazing pigmentation. I love it more every time I wear it. :) Overall, I will say that I am a fan of the Liquid Lipstick concept. As I mentioned above I do like that they don't budge and give you such a great colour pay off without too much hassle.

Is there a brand that you think I should try? What are your favourites?

Moving away from liquid lipsticks, for today's makeup post I thought I would do something a little different and talk about an upcoming item that I am super excited about. I really enjoy seeing and learning about the new products hitting the shelves, especially around Christmas time. There are always so many bright, colourful and pretty packages, cool deals and fantastic sets that are to die for. Needless to say when Becca Cosmetics teased a palette with Jaclyn Hill's name on it, I was glued to their Instagram. At first I thought, "well if it's a highlighter palette I don't need it. I love my Champagne Pop but I don't have a need for a bunch of highlighters." Then they opened it to reveal these absolutely stunning shades and I knew it would be on my wish list! :p As I adore Champagne Pop and use it all the time, I thought it would be great to have backup, in addition to the fact that I could immediately picture using the bronzed copper shade as a lid colour and the pearl shade for an inner corner of the eye highlight. It's like a two in one palette, a highlighter set and a eye shadow set! That's justification for a purchase if ever there was one right there! :p What do you guys think? Are you loving this palette? What Christmas goodies are on your wish list this year? :)
So pretty! :) Available from Sephora online October 27th Noon!
I hope you enjoyed today's makeup Monday post and I wish you all a wonderful day! :)
Love Lucy xx

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