Louder than Life Festival!

This past weekend my husband surprised me when he told me he won tickets to go to Louisville's Louder than Life festival. He said he thought I would love it because it would be a fun day out, WWE NXT would be there, we could relax, listen to live music and last but most definitely not least there would be tons of food trucks...needless to say I was sold on the idea and thought it was very sweet of him to think of it! I also got very excited because since seeing Ed Sheeran, I just love the feel of outdoor festivals!

We had an awesome time, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pictures from the day! :)

First off, the weather was absolutely beautiful, it felt like a Saturday for some reason the way the sun was shining! The place was set up really cool and even though there were tons of people there it didn't feel overcrowded or crazy walking around!

This was such a cute little ice cream truck that I just had to take a picture, we didn't actually get to have any ice cream though, the line was huge!! I must check out if they have a store here in Louisville, like lots of the other food places there do, as I am intrigued as to how scrumptious their ice cream truly is with it having been so popular. :)

There were so many different food choices all lined up in a row, some were in trucks others were underneath these little canopies. The options were endless and they made the place smell delicious! We had pulled pork BBQ sandwiches from Mama's BBQ and they were extremely tasty. Chris also tried a glazed strawberry Doughnut with bacon on top from High 5 Doughnuts, it was yummy but he ate it before I could take a picture..oops!!!

Sitting on the grass listening to 3 doors down, while we ate our food! We were lucky, the grass wasn't wet on Sunday. Apparently on Saturday the place was very wet and extremely muddy! We just sat in the sun watching people enjoying themselves, which was one of my favourite things. Everyone seemed in a good mood listening to classic bands while eating great food and drinking beer with their friends or other halves! :)

These pictures make me smile and just think typical 'festival pictures'. In addition to the fact that we have food and food makes me happy! :)

Unfortunately Slash was playing at the same time NXT was on so we didn't get to see him. We could hear him though while we watched wrestling which was pretty darn cool. My husband has actually seen Slash with Miles Kennedy before in England, he went with our brother who is a huge fan! The stage set ups all looked great though! They certainly set up the place nicely and created an incredibly awesome atmosphere! 

I was super excited to see NXT live. It was quite serial, after watching it on TV, to think it was an actual WWE event right in front of us. I haven't been to one in years! They did two one and a half hour shows and we got there just in time for the second match on the first show. I enjoyed getting to be a fan and watch the NXT Superstars, they all did a great job. This match pictured above: Ty Dillinger vs Bull Dempsey was absolutely brilliant, I was actually laughing out...very entertaining indeed! :)

Fangirl moment... I finally got to see Bayley live in action!! Ladies and Gentlemen I have been a fan of wrestling since I was 12. I may not take part anymore but I still love it. Apart from getting super excited when I watch the likes of Macho Man Randy Savage and the older guys from the past, I don't think I have been generally this excited about a new superstar than I am with Bayley! I just love her. Lucy recently wrote a post about The Women of NXT, which explains more about what they are accomplishing right now, it certainly is amazing! So yes, I was very happy and just a tad bit giddy at seeing Bayley live, especially because I got to dance to her music both at the show and in the car on the way home!! :p

Hope you enjoyed my little insight into my day out at Louisville's Louder than Life festival! If you went, I would love to hear what your favourite bands, food, or moments were in the comments below! :) Also let us know if there are any other up and coming festivals you think we may like!

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Something special about that outdoor festival type atmosphere. I go to Glastonbury every year :)