Halloween over the years!

We have to admit that Halloween isn't our be all and end all holiday. We enjoy it and most definitely love the pumpkins, candy and cute dressing up, but we will happily skip the haunted houses, terrifying zombie costumes and scary movies. If that's your thing, we salute you, you brave, brave souls. Growing up we remember it not being a huge deal, it seemed every year without fail we were running round the house trying to find a hat or a broomstick or throwing a sheet over ourselves quickly, so we could go and join the neighborhood kids in Trick or Treating. Trick or Treating consisted of walking to a few houses on our road that Mum had said we were allowed to go to. Alas, at the ripe age of 13, we visited New York to see our family and were set to be there for Halloween. Our Mum's cousin wanted to show us how the American's did it and for us to have some fun. We had an absolute blast going to the Halloween costume, decorations, supplies, candy and everything else you may possible need for Halloween store. To us it was amazing. We really wanted out little sister to be a boiled egg but she wouldn't have it! :p
Here in lies our first picture down memory lane, yes we basically chose the biggest, baggiest, witches cloaks we could find...what can we say? We were going through somewhat of a Pop Punk/Wrestling thing, where if it wasn't black or a wrestling shirt then it wasn't going in our cupboard!!

NYC circa 2003!
With our Auntie Elvira, Mum's cousin Mike and the first Pumpkin we ever carved...yes you read that right and naturally we were representing The Hardy Boyz!

NYC circa 2003!
The awesome witch in the middle is Mum's cousin Diane!

After that fateful Halloween in New York, we quite enjoyed the idea of dressing up more and Mum's cousin would send us parcels each year filled with Halloween treats. Our porch would be the only one on the street fully decorated with window stickers, props and pumpkins. So when we came to Louisville 6 years ago, we were rather looking forward to the Halloween festivities. We have had a lot of fun choosing our costumes over the years, so lets continue with the pictures shall we? :)

Kentucky 2009!
Our first taste of a crazy Halloween party with our new American friends!
Kelly = the diner waitress and Lucy = the slice of pie!
Chris is in the middle dressed as another wrestler known as Fang!

Dorothy and Alice in wonderland!
We were still working on our make up here, we definitely didn't know who Jaclyn Hill was back then, and as for the bright blonde hair...don't ask! :p


Back to our roots...almost with our brown hair!
Kelly attempting a 60's look while Lucy is Sailor Jupiter!

Is this just not the best one yet!!!??? We just couldn't resist these PowerPuff Girl costumes especially not when they came with these AWESOME glasses! We took pictures with fans at OVW dressed like this and it still makes us laugh so much looking back! Although we still could have done with the wigs! A taste of childhood indeed!

So there you have it, our Halloween costumes of the past! We skipped 2012 as we were in England that year and we think we just spent Halloween making treats with our younger cousins, ooh we also made an awesome Hello Kitty pumpkin with our little sister that year too! :)

Pretty sweet right?? :)

Hope you all have a very Happy and safe Halloween! Feel free to send us pictures of your costumes or Pumpkins, we would love to see them! :)

Lucy and Kelly

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  1. What a fun post! I love that it was coming to America that made you both embrace Halloween wholeheartedly! :) The big question is: What will you ladies be dressing up as this year?