Fall bucket list! :)

We LOVE writing lists. 'To do' lists, 'Grocery shopping' lists, 'Blog idea' lists, 'Must bake' lists, 'Must watch' lists, 'Must visit' lists, we can think of a list for just about any occasion, our notepads often get filled up quick. Our most favourite lists of all to write though are the lists that come about when the seasons change. Nothing quite beats the feeling of putting pen to paper and beginning your Christmas lists, whether it be what gifts you plan on getting for everyone or Christmas activities that you must do. Or when the days start getting hotter and Summer kicks in and you start writing down ideas for BBQ's, pool parties, visiting a theme park or what festivals you want to check out. List's can be so much fun. You can bet Fall is one of our favourite season's for compiling notes and scribbling away in our notebooks. Inspired by the lovely ladies over at www.laurenconrad.com we thought today we would share with you our 'Fall Bucket List'.

Number one!
Get Crafty! 
I am loving my fire place d├ęcor right now. This is our first fall with a fire place and it is perfect. It is definitely going to make for the ideal backdrop for some relaxing, cozy fall nights in. To give our apartment that touch of personal when decorating, I love to get crafty. I highly recommend having a scroll though Pinterest if you need some inspiration. I get so giddy and hyper over some people's wonderful imagination and I just think homemade is the best and most fun way to go. It really makes you feel good too when you look around and know that you created such pieces of art! ;p Why yes I am referring to my Chuck pumpkin. I made it last year and I LOVE it and am still so proud of it. The white pumpkin came from Michaels and it is a great canvas for creating any design you would like. You can paint it, use chalk paint and draw on it, add stickers and sparkles. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like and doesn't it look so cute? :) The reddish vase is an old candle, I cleaned out the wax and made my own mini flower arrangement. Again, these are pieces I picked up last fall and I adore them so much that I plan on keeping hold of them and using them till they get worn out.

Number two!
Treat yourself to a new fall jumper!

For the chilly fall nights you are going to need something to snuggle up in, so why not treat yourself to a new sweater?! This time of year I adore fashion. Now I'm not much of a fashionista but if there was ever a time of year where I get really into new trends and what's hitting the shops, it's Fall. Flannel? Yes please. Boots? Ooh can I get two pairs? Lauren Conrad jumpers? Eeek i'll take them all! :) I think Lauren Conrad jumpers have to be my absolute favourite and I have quite the collection already, they are so soft and light and cozy and the designs are always so pretty, cute and elegant at the same time. I can't wait to take a trip to Kohls to see what she has available this season. We also just treated each other to some jumpers from Human, they are actually supposed to be Christmas presents for each other but we are hopeless at keeping secrets when we get super excited and know the other will love it! :p Go check them out, they have the cutest and best 'Bookworm' sweaters! :)

Number three!
Bake seasonal treats!

Hands up if you get super duper excited at the mere thought of cinnamon, pumpkin, hot chocolate, cider, apple pies and pecan pies!! Our hands are waving proudly. We get incredibly excited by food all year round. Grocery shopping is one of our favourite things to do. But there are even more squeals of glee and Cheshire cat grins when the seasons bring with them fresh new produce and flavours that just make you feel warm and cozy. This little cupcake above is one of our 'go to' recipes. A chocolate pumpkin cupcake with a little cream cheese frosting. It is heaven. Rich, moist, chocolately and oh so scrumptious. Try picking an ingredient that a specific season represents and set yourself a fun baking task of creating something yum. We love to do this. It builds up tons of extra excitement each year when you can look forward to a treat that you don't have all year round. 

Number four!
Take a stroll around your local Farmer's market!
Picture the scene, you're bundled up warm in your favourite jumper and scarf, your cute tumbler filled with fresh coffee and you're walking along in the crisp Autumn air, kicking the leaves with your feet, maybe hand in hand with the person you love or arm in arm with your best friend, as the air smells delicious, mulled wine, apple cider, roasted pecans and pumpkin pie. Can you picture it?! Can you smell it? Doesn't it sound amazing? :) I love making a list of events, flee markets or farmer's markets that are going on near where I live. I think they make for such a lovely day out. And there's not much better than supporting local farmer's and business's and coming away with fresh ingredients to use for dinner or unusual gifts or treats for yourself.

Number Five!
Decorate your home!

We love decorating our apartments. Photo frames and memories adorn the walls all year round but when it comes to our favourite holidays we get so excited about adding little touches here and there to make it festive. We noticed this was way more common here in the States compared to back home, as we never really decorated for Fall, yes Halloween, but never just for the season. We have taken to it whole heartedly though and we guarantee that you will love it too. Even if it's simply changing the table cloth or adding a string of pumpkin lights, you can't help but smile. We always feel a sense of new beginnings when a new season starts, so the cute decorations are a daily reminder to stop and breathe and take it all in! :)  

I hope you enjoy this little Fall bucket list. Please share some of your favourite things to do this season in the comments below, I would love to read about them! :)

Be well!

Lucy xx

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