Daddy's girls!

A few weeks ago we wrote a post all about our wonderful Auntie and how she has been a huge inspiration to us. We mentioned our Dad being another huge influence in our lives but that, that post was for another date and time...well today just happens to be that date and that time! :)

Our Dad is quite simply awesome, he really is. He has taught us so many important things in life and is there for us no matter what. We don't think there is a day that goes by that we don't count our lucky stars for having him as our Dad. There are so many reasons we love him, so we thought, being the list makers that we are, we would write a little list of things he has taught us, as well as reasons why he is the best! :)

*He supports us in everything we do!

We mean everything! He took us to Trampolining competitions up and down the country. He took us to concerts 4 hours away to see bands that made us happy and would go and do his own thing and simply wait for us, while we rocked out to Good Charlotte. He drove us to every single wrestling show whether it be 15 minutes away or 5 hours away, to allow us to pursue our dream and when that dream bought us to America, who was with us every step of the way? You guessed it...Dad! Not only was he making sure we were safe and OK, he loved watching us wrestle and was our biggest fan! He wanted to see us succeed and we knew that from the start! No show was too far, clearly, no late nights were ever a problem, no sitting in the car waiting for us was ever annoying, as long as we were happy and getting to where we needed to be, he was right behind us! We couldn't have asked for a better support system!

*He taught us to work hard!

Well actually, it's more like he showed us how to work hard. We firmly believe that the way we are when it comes to work we got from Dad. Whether it be a regular day job or starting a project that we want to succeed, we will work our little butts off to make sure we reach goals that we set. We want to make him proud and show him that we appreciate so much what he has been able to do for us. Through our hard work, we want to be able to look after him and spoil him one day! We just have stick at it and do our best. Throughout our childhood and to this day he has been and is a continuous inspiration in showing us that if you want to make something happen you never give up, you show determination and you work incredibly hard.

*He taught us that if you are going to do something, do it properly!

This goes for everything, but ties in a lot with work too and we pride ourselves on it. Whether it be picking clothes up off the fitting room floor in Kohls and putting them back on the shelves or promoting our blog every day so more people see it, we want to do things properly. We never want to do things half arsed, even if it's not something we entirely love, we still want to do it to the best of our abilities and that's definitely something that comes from Dad!. His business is a success because of him and the people around him. His work is the best, no short cuts, no half hearted attempts, no slacking! He looks after his employees and treats them right and sets an example. Our Dad doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk and truly leads by example, being a good man, respecting others and in turn getting respect himself. Working for many different companies over the years we have learnt how honestly amazing this is and admire Dad all the more because of it. He is extremely kick ass!!!

*He looks after us and his family!

No matter how old we get, we know he will always be there for us, which is something we are beyond thankful for. We are lucky. Our parents have taught us the value of money and that it is important to work hard, go out into the big wide world and make our own way, but it always comes back to family, that is the reason to be successful, to be able to look after, support and treat the ones you love.

*He loves us more than anything!

Ever since we can remember we have always been surrounded by so much love! Our family is super close and we wouldn't have it any other way! We had family meals when Dad got home from work and still do when we are home. We eat, we share stories, laugh and play games. When we are under Mum and Dad's roof in our childhood home, we are happy and content and we know our house is full of love!

*He loves cool things and has passed that onto us!

Classic Ameican cars, watching Home Improvement, listening to good music!!! We have so many wonderful memories of going to car shows, laughing every weekend while watching Home Improvement as a family, singing along to The Temptations in the car on the way to Nanna and Grandad Georges house and to this day we still love all those things! We get to have Daddy/Daughter days going to car shows or even nights out to see The Overtones...yes Dad actually came with us and enjoyed it! We love that we can get excited about the same things and that the older we get, the more the passion grows in us for things we love because of him...anyone seen my 50's diner...just checking! ;)

*He takes us on amazing trips so we can hang out and spend time together!

Route 66 was a trip of a lifetime and we wouldn't have done it with anyone else! The fact that we had another Daddy/Daughter trip and got to enjoy these amazing places and sights together are memories we will treasure forever. We are lucky that we have never ever been through the "parents aren't cool" phase! We love spending time with our parents, the more family time, the better! The fact that our Dad loves taking us on these trips is lovely to us. Over the years we have been to many places, including Sweden two years in a row for a car show, the fact that Dad likes taking his daughters and showing us off to his friends is so sweet to us! We love that we think he gets a kick out of the fact that we want to go to those places with him too!

*He can fix, build and make anything!

We can't build a cabinet or put together a chest of drawers without humming the 'Tool time' theme song and taking pictures to send to Dad. Naturally with his job, being a shop fitter, he knows his stuff when it comes to building, but he is also awesome when it comes to anything and everything to do with cars, there's nothing he does not know and we think that that is the coolest thing ever. We have him to thank for the DIY wives that we have become...yep we would much rather take over building a piece of furniture than letting our husbands do it! ;p

Did we mention enough times how AWESOME our Dad is???!!! :) We love him to absolute pieces and can't thank him enough for being the most AMAZING role model and more importantly the most BRILLIANT Dad anyone could ever hope and wish for.

P.S. Oh and as if he couldn't get any more awesome, he goes to car shows and comes back with gifts like this for our little sister...

Have a lovely day everyone and make sure to cherish and love your family every single second of every day! :)

Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Oh my goodness, what a super sweet post!! :) I wrote one very similar for my own dad who sounds a whole lot like your dad. Father daughter bonds are incredibly special and irreplaceable. I love hanging out with my dad so much- my parents are definitely my best friends.

    Isn't it so weird how dads like random stuff that you end up liking too? My dad loves classic films, history, and creative hobbies and I've definitely acquired his same tastes.


    1. Aww thank you so much Victoria! :) We are off to read your post now and we love that you and your parents are close too, that is so awesome, we couldn't agree more about the Father-Daughter bond!! :)

      And yes, it's so funny to think that we have picked up so many of his hobbies. It's cool that we are not the only ones! :) xxx