Must See/Must Eat! Places to visit in Louisville KY!

Louisville has been our home away from home now for nearing 7 years. Sometimes it seems crazy to us that it has been that long. No matter how much we miss the UK and our family back home, we have to admit that Louisville has provided us with some incredible, amazing, hilarious, sweet, scary, happy, sad and completely weird and wonderful memories over those 7 years and we wouldn't change it for the world.
As of late we have loved researching places to visit. Beautiful cities like San Francisco and the country that has our hearts Italy. We adore finding out more about these places and looking into the best spots to go to eat and explore. This week however, we thought we would step outside our front doors and show you around Louisville and take a look at some of our favourite 'Hang out' spots and 'Must eat' joints that it has to offer! :)


Diamonds: Ahh Diamonds. We can't think of Diamonds without thinking 4am bedtimes and 7am Rip Rogers classes the next day! :p Yep, you wouldn't think it now, as these days it's bed at 9:30 to be well rested for the kids. But when we first got to Louisville, we were wrestlers, hanging out with a bunch of wrestlers, getting to know everyone and letting off steam after shows and matches. We always had a blast though and have some very fond memories of nights at Diamonds. A very cool, chilled bar with live music, great food, pool tables and darts. What more could you ask for? :) Also, when we were back home and used to think about going out we always felt like you had to get really dressed up, but when we came over here we noticed that many places have a very laid back appeal, you see people dressed up and you see people casual and it's something we love about Louisville night life. (Sidenote: we rarely ventured out in England, so we assume there are places like this at home too? Let us know! :p )

The Back Door: A very cool, chill bar that serves stiff drinks and good food. They have friendly staff, darts, pool, games and skee ball and the place is set up where you can go in to different rooms and hang out, so if you don't fancy loud music and just want to sit and chat round a table you can do. We very much like this about it! :)


Cumberland Brews: We feel like after a few years of partying, when we all started mellowing out after shows and wanting food instead of going to places like Diamonds right away, (Kelly and I always wanted food. first :p ) that this is the place we started going. It might have been our friend Michael that had suggested it first and since then we have been regulars. Cumberlands is, simply put, a really cool place to hang out, drink beer and eat. They make their own brews which change with the season, they currently have a Pumpkin beer at the moment which my Chris loves, and their food is awesome! You must try their Bison Burger, as even though everything else on the menu is delicious, the Bison Burger is just amazing, so so good. Ooh and for starters try the Deep Fried Bacon. Oh my goodness, so yummy! :)

The Bison Burger, left, and Sweet potato fries with cinnamon cream cheese dip! :)

The Craft House: This place Chris and I (Lucy) stumbled across as we were driving down Frankfurt Ave one Saturday looking for somewhere to eat. We love trying new places and much prefer to eat at local joints rather than chain restaurants. I was so excited when we walked inside, I could just picture having a kitchen designed the way this place is. It has gorgeous brick walls, with wooden beams and this really cozy but cool atmosphere. I love it. Again, it's great for beer lovers as they have plenty of local beers, but they also make some scrumptious cocktails too. This you come to find when your brother in law gets you a drink...a sweet, yummy and very strong drink...thank you Rico! ;p Their menu is totally unique, 100% local that it makes you want to try everything on there. My favourite thing to get here are the Mussels though. I love Mussels, thanks to my Grandad, but they are hit and miss in restaurants, The Craft House makes them incredible. One of my favourite dishes I've had anywhere in Louisville.

El Camino: This place had to get a mention on this list but please see 'My home away from home' for fun stories and more details! :)

Tourist spots!

Churchill downs: It was our second three month stint in Kentucky when we experienced out first Kentucky Derby. We finished training, got changed and jumped in the car with Kelly's Chris and our friends Erin and Jimmy. We were super excited as we were going to watch the race from the in field. No hats and pretty dresses for us, in actual fact we looked the complete opposite of pretty and put together as on this day it chose to be freezing, rainy, windy and naturally on the in field...extremely muddy. Oh and you know Jimmy and I were wearing flip flops. :p However, catching pneumonia aside, we had an absolute blast. You would be surprised how many people actually ask us if we have been to the Kentucky Derby when they hear our accents and usually around that time of year we get people asking if we are here just for the Kentucky Derby! Churchill Downs is open for tours and has a really interesting museum to wander around. When I went, I loved learning about the ups and downs this place went through and how it got to be one of the most celebrated and looked forward to events of the year. If you visit Kentucky when there are no races you can still go and check the place out.

Before and After! :p 

Mohammed Ali Center: When we very first came to Louisville back in 2008, with our Dad and Jen, for our week visit to Ohio Valley Wrestling, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of sightseeing and touristy things here and there. The Mohammed Ali Museum was on the list for our Dad. We're not big fans of boxing but Mohammed Ali is a legend and we love learning about people who were passionate about their profession, their art form, people who dreamed big and never let anyone or anything deter them, so we were more than happy to go on a tour. It was extremely interesting and incredibly inspiring and definitely got us motivated for training later on in the day. We went again when our brother came to visit us in Kentucky. A must visit if you like your sports history or you like to feel inspired by others who achieved great things.

Cardinals Stadium: If you are a sports fan we think you would love a visit to the Cardinals Stadium. The place is amazing. We still can't grasp how huge the place is and all for college football. Not that college football isn't important, we mean that in the way that it is so very awesome to see how big of a deal sports are over here, regarding schools. When I went to watch my first game a few summers ago, it took my breath away and I felt like I had walked in to the Quidditch World Cup. Now, I have been to Old Trafford many a time before and that place is ridiculously awesome, but when the game started at the Cardinals stadium there was so much fan fare, cheerleaders, pyro and the like that it was all rather magical. Definitely try and catch a game if you can and don't compare it to the Premiership, we heard that for so long, people saying "that's not football, this is football" and vice versa but to us there is no comparison, they are nothing alike, two complete different things, forget the name and just enjoy each for what they are. Though, we will say you can't beat Premiership Football and Old Trafford...but sshh! :p

OVW Arena: This is a must if you are a wrestling fan. It is the place that changed our lives 7 years ago and is simply a cool venue to check out if you know your wrestling history. This is after all where some of WWE's top talents first started. Not only that but the guys busting their butts each and every week there currently are awesome and put on one helluva show. It's a great night of entertainment. :)

Chris Silvio in action! He is the best! :) 

Hang out spots!

Bardstown Road/The Highlands: Bardstown road/The Highlands is simply a very cool strip to stroll down. There are so many unique, trendy and different spots to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner and there's plenty of small boutiques and shops to have a nosey in.

St Matthews Mall/Oxmoor Mall: If you like to shop or you fancy picking up gifts then these are our two favourite malls to go to. St Matthews has the food court and a few more shops like Forever 21 and Hot Topic, whereas, Oxmoor mall is the more upscale with Macy's, Kate Spade and Michael Korrs. It's always fun for us to see the different shops they have in different countries. We love having a Sephora over here and are fond of Hot Topic but occasionally we do miss good old Marks and Spencer's and Debenhams.

Notable shop mentions that we love and don't have back home:
Half Price Books
Michaels Craft store
Barnes and Nobles
Hot Topic
Williams and Sonoma

Now there are many, many, many more cool restaurants and places to visit in Louisville, we love when our friends say "meet us here" and we get to experience somewhere we didn't know was here before, but these are just some of the places that we have thoroughly enjoyed during our time in Louisville and think are a must on the Must See/Must Eat list! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Love Lucy and Kelly xxx


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  2. They don't do the deep fried bacon at Cumberland anymore sadly, The Bison Burger was top notch though :)