Makeup Monday: A few must have items!

I have actually been really good as of late, in that I have been making sure to use all the makeup in my collection. While my collection is quite small, for me it's enough were I say to myself "Ok Lucy, you have to be using all these products before you buy anymore." I admit that I am a sucker for cute packaging and pretty things, so some of the products I can just look at and think "well it's so beautiful that staring at it can justify buying it." Just me?! :p I always find it fun though when I go through my blushes and wear a different one on the weekend, or know which one will go perfect with my outfit, I feel that my collection is just enough that I can get through wearing all my blushes if I wore a different one each day of the week. The same can be said for my lipsticks, as I think Lipsticks and Blush are what I have most off. I haven't really seen anything that has caught my eye too much over the past few weeks and with all the holiday collections and new products coming out just in time for Christmas I thought I would just wait and see what grabs my attention. In the meantime though, I have been huge into skincare. I was having a few days where I just didn't like the way my foundation sat on my face and I could see signs of getting older and I thought it was time for a little change and for me to really focus on my routines. I was inspired by Victoria over on and her recent skincare routine, she mentioned washing your face and thinking that will suffice and how you will still find makeup on your towel and I could 100% relate. I do that all the time, but no more. Here are some of my favourite purchases from the past few weeks and why I love them! :) 

This, Victoria mentioned in the aforementioned skincare post and I knew I had to try it. Not only did she rave about it but there were tons of comments where people said how awesome it was. So I made a visit to Target and picked some up right away. I haven't used a toner in years and I always remember our makeup artist Abi recommending one, but I simply got out of the habit of using it as I felt it made my skin feel dry. I was super excited to use this one though, as honestly I just wanted to really feel like I was giving my skin a good clean. It smells delightful, lovely and fresh, I presume thanks to the Aloe Vera and Ginseng that it has in it. This Glow Tonic claims to "even out skintone for a brighter and clearer complexion" through exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. I have to say that I love it. Truly love it. My skin feels so incredibly soft these days and I feel like it has blurred lines and made my face look smoother. I use it every morning and night and adore how my face feels more awake and even looks more awake after I have applied it. I have been using it for about two weeks now and am going to be making sure to stick with this routine. :)

I had been wanting to purchase some Morphe brushes for the longest time after hearing so many of my favourite YouTubers rave about them, but I spent a little time researching different brushes first, as I didn't want to spend a lot, as brushes can be quite expensive and I wanted to make sure that they would be worth it, with shipping and all that. What made me bite the bullet was that I have been using my Sigma F80 for over a year now and I was starting to feel like I needed another brush for when I didn't get chance to clean that one. I try and clean it often but sometimes I would get to two weeks and be using it thinking "ewww" :p I just needed the basics, a foundation brush, concealer brush and a bronzer/blush brush, so thanks to Jaclyn Hill and Amanda Ensing, I went with the G2, M349 and B6. My goodness, I don't know why I waited so long. These brushes are awesome. I adore the M349 for foundation, it is so soft and dense that it makes applying my foundation so easy and simple, it doesn't drag at all and it feels like a little of my foundation goes a long way, it has such great coverage. The same goes for the G2, it is so light and fluffy and soft and perfect for concealer. My Sigma F86 was starting to feel really hard to blend with, like I was tugging at my under eye area, so this one was a very welcome and much needed change. I  look forward to putting my makeup on each morning now because I get to use these brushes! :) I would highly recommend them.

I mentioned these in our 'Girly Night In' post as Kelly and I had been experimenting with some masks during our girly weekend, after getting some samples from Sephora. My friend Kaelin had recommended these for improving texture. I'm not usually the optimist when it comes to skincare and products that say they will get rid of fine lines or make scars disappear and such, I don't know why but I seem to struggle to believe in things like that. I also believe in growing old gracefully and allowing your body/skin to be natural. However, I had really started to notice the wrinkles on my forehead, coming to the conclusion that it was because of all the facial expressions I make. I was starting to become very self conscious at work, as of course I am always making faces and being very expressive around my babies and I admit it got me down applying foundation because I dislike it when it settles into creases. Well, with no high hopes I tried the sample of this two step peel and was actually stunned. Instantly my skin looked brighter, smoother and clearer and I am certain that the lines on my forehead were not as prominent. Kelly even commented when she saw me the next morning saying that my skin looked really good. So I went back to Sephora and picked up the little pack. You get five treatments for $16. The downside to this product for me is that it is very expensive, for 30 treatments it will cost you $88. For now though, I have been using the peel each Sunday. I have 4 more to go and am looking forward to seeing if the results continue to be this amazing. Maybe it's all the little things I have been changing about my routine, with the clean brushes and toner and making sure to drink more water each day, but I am really happy with these purchases and feel much more confident in my skin these days! :)

Hope you have an awesome Monday and let me know if you have any skincare products/makeup products that you absolutely love!! :)

Love Lucy xx

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