Hot Topic! Give Peace A Chance!

I've covered many a time on here my dislike and inability to watch the news. It is just something I find very difficult and that can get me extremely down. However, again, I have mentioned before that nowadays it is hard to stay clear of headlines and the latest terrifying goings on in the world with the likes of social media. This past week hearing about yet more shootings, seeing people refused entry at Country borders, and just more violence, deaths and politics, completely and utterly broke my heart. 

Ever since I can remember I have listened and known the words to John Lennon's Imagine. It takes me back to lazy Sunday's back home in Stockport, listening to the radio with Mum while helping her cook. It brings back memories of driving to the nursing home to visit my Nanna, with my Dad, listening to his kind of music on the radio, when it would always come on. However it seems that as I'm getting older, that the song resonates more and more to me. It means more to me and I feel like the way in which the world is going, that the song has never been more beautiful and true.

I know I simply can not wave a magic wand and make all the pain, suffering and nasty people in the world go away, but I really want to do more research and be a part of something that can make a significant difference. Right now I literally want to stand on top of a mountain and blast this song for the universe to hear, keep playing it over and over until we, as a people, get it. But really truly get it, live by it and understand why we need to change and become the words John Lennon wrote.

I don't wish to write too much, as like I said I would very much like to research topics and such in greater detail. If you have thoughts on this matter or are a apart of something that is standing up for the world and each and every single Human being in it, then please let me know in the comments below, I really would love to hear from you. I guess the point to this post today was to share with you the words of John Lennon. To share my vision of the future and what I can only dream and hope for through the words he sang. I truly believe in a world where violence is not the answer, where countries are not all high and mighty thinking they are the best and deserve more than others, where no one life should be put at risk or discarded as unimportant or not worthy. These I know are very grand gestures but we can all start somewhere. Are you living each day being kind to your neighbors and every person you meet? Do you listen and allow others to share their beliefs and opinions without berating them, looking down on them or forcing your beliefs on them? Do you smile and lend a helping hand as often as you can? Do you treat others how you wish to be treated? Do you try your very best to do all things in love and with the idea that your words and actions will encourage peace and harmony and light within others, not anger, hatred and sadness? 

I hope this song may bring a bit of hope into your life if you happen to feel the same way I do, I hope that the words will lift you up and make you realize that you are not alone in thinking this way (if you do think this way too) and I simply hope that one day the world will...

Have a beautiful day!
Love Lucy. xxx

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  1. As long as you and Kelly be you everyday you're already helping the world become a kinder and better place to be <3