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Achieving balance: How to be strong, healthy and happy.

Before I begin, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am the younger brother of Lucy and Kelly. Legend has it that I was the one who got them in to wrestling. Whether this is true or not I don't really know. All I remember is watching the golden age of wrestling when Kane still wore a mask, Triple H had hair and everyone was wondering why the f*** Rikishi ran over Stone Cold. With TV that good who can blame them for wanting to watch it with me. 

I've never been the type of person who'd succumb to the shackles of a desk job. By my late teens my mind was made up that my future lay in fitness. After a brief stint in further education, I took the plunge and got certified as a Personal Trainer. This has been my vocation for the past 6 years and according to my calculations I reckon I've done consultations with at least a couple hundred people. 
So what's the recurring theme for the average gym goer? Pretty simple, they wanna look good naked. You can lie and try and trick me saying you want to be more "toned" or "fit" or "have more energy", but what it really boils down to just feeling better in yourself. It's about confidence, self-belief and feeling good. Despite what some might say, there is nothing superficial in wanting to improve your body. After all, getting leaner and stronger is good for your health. If a person wants to condemn you for wanting to be healthier, then that person is a dick.

What's my aim? For you to take some useful bits of information from this blog that will immediately help you and those you love lead a healthier, fitter, stronger life.

Firstly let's address the common questions I get asked over and over. 

Do I have to avoid carbs to get lean? 


Do I have to do hours of cardio to lose fat?

Once again, no.

Do I have to give up everything I hold sweet and dear to me and never embrace the sugary delight of a cupcake ever again?

Hell no.

You see people, the key to long lasting health is having a solid baseline. Your house is building on concrete, this solid foundation allows you to build from the ground up. No matter what you do to your house to make it better, it'll only ever be as strong as it's foundation.

Now, your foundation of health should be the following things:

Drink water (2 litres a day)
Eat green vegetables (at every meal)
Eat Protein (eggs yolks and all)

Heard that before? OK well let me explain why it's important. 

Our body needs water to function, when we become dehydrated, our body starts to become hormonally stressed. This causes strain on the rest of our functions. Dehydration over long periods of time chronically stresses the body out. When your body is stressed, you don't lose fat.

Your gut is your body's way of getting crap out of your body. No, not like that, I'm talking toxins that are all around us. Without being able to get these toxins out the body, they recirculate the blood stream and then get stored in fat. This causes the fat to become more solid and harder to move. Green vegetables (or more specifically fibre) acts like a brush, cleaning out the crap from your gut. They also contain lots of mineral and vitamins that will make your feel better. Moral of the story, eat your vegetables!

Now, if you were playing with a 4 year old and told them to build you a lego house, but they didn't have any lego, they'd be pretty confused right? Well this is what your doing to your body when you try to lose fat but don't eat protein. Without enough decent protein, your body can't build or reserve muscle. You end up getting weak and soft. If you want to look good, you should have a good baseline of protein.

But Chris, it's easy for you, you don't have kids to look after, or work in an office filled with cakes and sweets, and you work in a gym all the time. Yeah, yeah whatever. This is where people go horrendously wrong. Everyone seems geared towards extreme behaviour. "I'm on this new diet of water, protein and vegetables and so can't touch sugar, dairy or gluten". Don't get me wrong, these things aren't great for you, but you're much more likely to be successful in the long run if you build a healthy relationship towards your diet.

Tell a 6 year old not to put their tongue out and what do they do? Put their tongue out. Tell an adult not to eating sugar and just eat broccoli, what do they do? Go and devour and entire cake. I've seen this many a time, people always want what they can't have. 

There is no point in starting a diet unless you intend on eating that way for the rest of your life. Short term fixes lead to long term problems. Your main priority should be on keeping your body health and happy by watering it and giving it daily doses of veg and protein. If on occasion, you enjoy a dessert, then that's great. Savour it, enjoy it and be thankful you can experience such delights. All you then need to do is move a bit more the next day. If you feel you're getting a bit too much junk in your trunk, take the desserts out for a week and increase your water intake. 

People seem to think dieting should be about deprivation. About seeing how much you can abstain from food without giving in. I whole heartedly disagree. I feel that dieting is about creating an awesome relationship with food, having a tasty, exciting diet and using clever manipulations to build a strong and badass body.

It's about realistic expectations that lead to exceptional results.

Thank you for having me


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