Feelgood Friday: Long weekend fun! :)

We were super excited about having three days off this past weekend, in honor of Labor Day. It had been a crazy few weeks at work and we had been very busy, so we were definitely looking forward to a little break, to relax and wind down a bit. We both had different plans and not with each other... for a change, which meant we spent the three days having lots of quality husband time. It really was just what the doctor ordered. Today we thought we would share with you some of our favourite  moments!



My weekend was spent in Highland County Virginia at the Ginseng Mountain Lodge (Pictured above) with my Mother and Father in law and Meme! We hadn't seen them all (Chris's family) since Christmas time so we were due a visit to Virginia, this just mixed it up a little by meeting them in this cute little town! Chris's family go every year but this was the first year staying in this delightful little lodge! It was very cute with a small general store below with an apartment upstairs. They had apple, pear and walnut trees in the garden and picturesque views of the Mountains right outside the windows!

On the left is me and Chris in the back garden of his Dad's friends house, they had a little creek that turned into a bigger pond that actually had Trout swimming around in it! We spent both Saturday and Sunday evening around a fire pit, grilling food, drinking and chatting. It was wonderful. One of my favourite things was seeing Chris's Mum and Dad having a laugh and relaxing with their friends. It was such a cozy, happy, family atmosphere. The second picture is at the Highland County Fair on the Saturday Night, the whole town was there to watch the truck pull! We had Maple Funnel Cake and fried oreos! Later on I also had a candied apple that reminded me of that one time I mentioned here! I ate it all, you bet I was on a bit of a sugar high for the rest of the night!  

This last little picture is of me, my mother in law and Meme in the kitchen making stewed apples to take to that nights cookout. We had a production line going after we had hand picked a whole bunch of apples from their friends trees. I kid you not, it felt that much sweeter having picked them ourselves! I love being in the kitchen with my mother in law, she is a great cook and is always giving me tips and tricks. I like helping her when we visit them in Mechanicsville Virginia so it was nice that we still got to have that bonding time on this little trip! All in all it was a wonderful weekend, one that I hope can become a yearly tradition for us! :)

For me the weekend started in what has become somewhat 'traditional' fashion for me. I woke up at around 6am on Saturday morning, made coffee and sat down in My Favourite Little Spot. I love waking up and writing, whether it be working on the blog, making a 'To Do' list or working on other little writing projects I have going on. The morning just makes me feel like their are endless possibilities for the day ahead and I always feel at my most creative. This Stephen King book I picked up at Barnes and Nobles just last week and was recommended to me by the lovely Rebecca Raisin, to help with said writing. :) That was followed by a kick ass workout with my husband. I love going to the gym with him and have been getting back in to the swing of it lately. Chris always pushes me and I honestly have never felt better. :) The picture to the right was taken at OVW's Saturday Night Special. I went to go support Chris Silvio (my Chris) and hang out with my friends that I don't see all too often. When we arrived I was greeted by an awesome surprise in my friend Rocco. We haven't seen Rocco in what I'm sure has been two plus years, so it put a huge smile on my face. We trained with Rocco in Rip Rogers class and always had a blast with him, he is awesome and so funny and he made each training that much better by always making us laugh hysterically.


Sunday was a lovely day. Chris and I did a bit if shopping at St Matthews mall, where I ventured in to Victoria Secrets. I haven't been in there for years and I instantly fell in love with all their cozy lounge wear. Then it was grocery shopping and back home, where my wonderful husband whipped us up a feast of homemade burgers, chicken wings and potato wedges, all to be devoured while watching 'Arrested Development.'


You know when you have those days where you just feel like it's been filled with magic and your heart simply feels happy? Well, Monday was one of those days for me. Chris and I busied ourselves with cleaning the apartment, which in itself always makes me feel good. Then he suggested going for a walk along the waterfront. It was nice to get out and do something different as we never really venture downtown. It was such a lovely day too, not too hot but beautiful out. We had a lovely little stroll and then decided to have lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. This place we have driven past a million times and have heard many awesome things about it, however, my Chris doesn't eat fish so it was never really at the top of the list when going out. But as we were on the water front, he said we should check it out and he knows how much i love fish...he's a sweetheart! We were so happy that we gave it a chance. It was so good. Chris got the chicken club and i got peel and eat shrimp, he even had a bite of the Shrimp and liked it. We ate every bite, it was so delicious. We also treated ourselves to cocktails, which you can see over on my Twitter or Instagram...scrumptious. I have literally been daydreaming about the Pina Colada i had all week. :p It was simply a beautiful day hanging out with my husband and i felt incredibly happy, content and blessed.

We hope you all had a great weekend too and we wish you a wonderful weekend this week. Our husbands are away wrestling this weekend so now it's time for some girlie fun. :)

Keep smiling.
Lucy and Kelly xxx

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