The New British invasion: Ed Sheeran!

A few weeks ago, ourselves and our husbands were chatting in the car about who we would love to go and see in concert. One person we all agreed on was Ed Sheeran. We all thought that he would be a pretty cool person to see live. Well, it just so happened that we found out he was touring not to far away from us this month. We got home and after little deliberation over whether it would be better to travel a couple of hours away on a Thursday or Sunday, we all settled on Thursday 17th Sept, 2 hours away from us, in Cincinnati.

Once home from work, the four of us quickly changed, packed a few snacks and jumped in the car. We were all pumped and excited as well as feeling slightly rebellious for going out on a school night ( what can we say, we like our sleep) Our trip was going great, we were listening to music, chatting away, stopped at Cincinnati's original Skyline Chili for a quick bite to eat and couldn't wait to get to the Riverbend Music Center. Alas, just when we thought we were making great time, that was when we got stuck in traffic, we tried to stay positive but it generally got to the point where we thought we were going to miss the whole show. Lucy's Chris was so frustrated and couldn't understand where the traffic was coming from. We explained that it was probably for the show, to which he replied, "the whole city can not be at a stand still for Ed Sheeran".....oh sweet naive Christopher!!

The closer we got to the arena the more Chris was eating his words, the place was PACKED, as in they had cops directing traffic and had, had to open a whole other car park and still they were running out of space. By this point, 8:30 we had missed the opening act (Christina Perri) but were lucky enough to find a parking spot as people were still queuing up to come in. We finally got through the gates, all paid a visit to the restrooms, just as Ed Sheeran walked out on stage! We made a mad dash to the lawn and were fortunate to find a nice little spot on the grass, albeit the hill bit of the lawn but we could see the stage and Ed Sheeran and hear him perfect and that was all that mattered.

Our view!

All sat on the little hill!

It is so difficult to explain just how amazing Ed Sheeran actually is, we feel like the word talented doesn't even cut it. He was absolutely phenomenal!! He was charismatic, entertaining and just amazing to sit and listen to. We knew he was someone that you had to see live and we weren't wrong. The crowd was into absolutely everything and it was lovely to witness. We have to admit being British too, we sat there with a huge sense of pride at watching a fellow Brit kick so much ass! Looking at all the people who had come to see this one person, we were like "Yep this is the new British Invasion right here" :) At one point towards the end as people started to leave to miss the traffic, we scooted further up the hill and were amazed at the sight of way more people than we originally thought were there. It was insane, so much so that when Ed told everyone to get their phones out, it looked magical, like a scene from the Quidditch world cup. 

The Sea of lights!

All in all it was an incredible evening, one that even getting home at 1 am to wake up at 5 am couldn't dampen. If you get the chance to go to an Ed Sheeran show or see him live, don't pass it up, we highly recommend you go! If you've already seen him, let us know where you saw him
and your thoughts, we'd love to hear them! :)

Sneaking a closer peak at the stage area!

What an amazing evening!

Have a great Monday!
Lucy and Kelly

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