An Interview with Freya North!

I am so beyond excited to share this interview with you today! I've said this many times on the blog, and in various episodes of Life is Sweet, but I will say it again, Freya North is my absolute favourite.
I just love her. I spent an entire summer three years ago reading twelve of her novels and loved every one of them. Now I spend each year eagerly awaiting her next one, then stare at it on my bookshelf, not wanting to start reading it because then I know my waiting will begin all over again once I've finished it! :p Book worm problems at their finest right?? Her novels are home to me, they bring me comfort, joy and contentment, but enough about me. Freya North is a best selling British author, an Ambassador for beating bowel cancer, Founder of the Hertford Children's Book Festival and a mum! I am delighted to have her on the blog today and hope you all enjoy this interview! :)

1) Which part of the writing process do you love the most? When you first get an idea? Writing and Editing? or receiving the final copy?
Writing – always the writing. As an author, I want to know what’s going to happen in the story and whilst I’m writing, I’m utterly involved in the world of the book. It becomes home from home.
2) Out of all your leading ladies, who's world/brain would you spend a day in, if you could? Well, Frankie from The Turning Point is most like me… I felt that I saw that story through her eyes and walked every step of her journey in her shoes. That’s a very special relationship. But Oriana – I’d like to ask her how she felt when she was a child with those weird, volatile parents. I’d like to know how she felt as a teenager, exiled from her childhood home. I’d like to know more of what her life was like in California before she came home to Derbyshire and Windward…
3) What do you love most about being a writer? The freedom to escape into my imagination – the go ahead to really construct a story, to believe in the world of the book so much that fiction soon appears as fact. Plus, I’m not remotely employable in anything else –so thank goodness I’m able to do what I do!
4) You always have such wonderful descriptions and so much detail of the places your books are set in, which place out of all the places you have researched over the years is your personal favourite? Oh it has to be British Columbia. My research trip there blew my mind, filled my heart and fed my soul. I love the great outdoors – but this is the outdoors at its indisputable greatest. Never did I imagine that such a place existed. It was a truly character-forming trip as well – as never had I left my kids for that long and travelled that far away from them. If I was blessed enough to meet a Scott of my own, I’d move out to BC without thinking twice.
5) What is your favourite book? Well – it’s the Complete Works of Thomas Hardy combined with the Complete Works of John Irving (see what I did there? How on earth can you expect me to choose Just One Book?!!)
6) Out of sister's Cat, Fen and Pip, who's job would you like the most? Tour de France journalist? Art Historian? or Clown? Well, I WAS an Art Historian – I gave up my PhD to write my first novel Sally. So that’s a world I’d be happy enough to return to. I love getting lost when I look at paintings. Especially Matisse, Rothko and Cezanne.
7) I loved the relationship between Frankie and Alice in your new novel "The Turning Point" Do you have the same relationship with your characters? If so, who has been the most prominent/bossy character? Crikey – well Sally and Polly were pretty feisty and ran rings around me… Whereas Chloe, Fen and Petra needed encouragement as they are gentler characters. I think Tess and Thea are pretty brave women – and my god Frankie set me an example. I loved Alice too – you wouldn’t believe how many readers have asked me to write the “Alice” books… and one day, I might do just that.

Freya's most recent novel!
8) We love food and baking so we have to ask a food question! What is your favourite food or treat? Well, I’ve been veggie since I was 13 (I’m 47) and I absolutely love spinach. I make really scrummy patties – spinach mixed with garlic, eggs and manchego cheese quickly fried on both sides. Gorgeous with a crunchy salad and full of iron!
My go-to comfort food is ready-salted crisps and ‘fat’ coca cola!! My homemade Lemon Drizzle cake (my late Grandma’s recipe) is legendary and known amongst my friends as The Drizz.
9) Where is your perfect place to read and write? Reading – in bed. Writing – I kickstart each book in my local library, but once the story is flowing, I could write balanced on a wobbling pole in the middle of a noisy traffic junction and I’d be happy.
10) Outside of books, what do you love to do? My Tuesday nights are sacred – my ceramics evening class in my local town. Every day, I walk my two dogs Twig (English Pointer) and Bee (Cockapoo) and around 4 times a week I ride my horse Nathan. He’s 15 now and I’ve had him since he was 3. I’m a single mum – and share my home with my daft and wonderful children Felix and Georgia. Once they’re in bed, then I tend to watch a film or an HBO series. I have always loved the movies – when I write my novels, I ‘see’ the stories unfold and write what’s playing across my mind’s eye, scene after scene after scene.
Freya xxx
Isn't she just awesome?!
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Have a great day! Keep Smiling!

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