We love Jen! :)

As Kelly mentioned in her 'Sister Sister' post a few weeks back, August is indeed the month that our 'little' sister Jen was born, August 15th to be precise, the date this very Saturday as it were. It hasn't got any easier over the past few years to miss birthdays and special events going on back in Stockport and we will forever apologize to Jen for not being able to be with her when celebrating the day of her birth, as it is most definitely a day to celebrate and rejoice! With that being said, we were very fortunate that last year we made a point of being together, when the three of us went on Route 66 with our Dad, it was a trip he had always wanted to do and we had, had it planned many a year prior to finally do it for Jen's 21st, and nothing was going to stop us, but more on that in a minute! :) This year it is back to being 4000 miles apart so we thought it would be fun to do a special birthday post for the best little sister there is, just to let her know that we are thinking about her on her birthday and, well, every second of every single day! Getting a bit teary now...she really is simply the best (better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone I've ever met) we know she will read that and burst in to song, so we made it easier and added a little bit so you can all join in too! :p But back to topic, here are some of our favourite Jen memories and moments and reasons we love her so...

We had a blast on this day running for Sport Relief back home, it was so much fun. We wanted to raise money for charity and we all got each other through the 3 miles by laughing hysterically, galloping, trotting and just about everything else you can think of, with some running thrown in, to make it to the finish line! We're not that unfit...we promise! :p We had a blast doing this together, being a team and being there for each other! :)

We all have very different personalities and traits but we love that there are still a bunch of things that we all absolutely love and obsess over together! Chuck, The Overtones, Chris Evans, Stationary, Italian food, to name a few. We definitely have the sister bond thing down and count each other as best friends too.

We pretty much just LOVE that this picture exits! :p There really is no explanation needed for this picture, well maybe just that Jen thought the giant Aubergine was going to fall! She was the cutest baby/toddler EVER!!! Side note: Look at how proud and happy Grandad is, that explains our passion for food right there! :)

We love that she helped make Route 66 happen! We all wanted to do it but with us being in the states doing different things, we weren't sure we were actually going to be able to commit to it. Turns out, there was no way we were going to let Jen down, especially on a special birthday. Herself and Dad organised it from home and it was AMAZING! Definitely a trip of a lifetime! This picture was on August 15th last year, in Las Vegas, as we waited to go into the theater to watch Jersey Boys! It was awesome! It just goes to show how close our family is. Two weeks travelling to different places and spending a lot of time in a car with the same people can get pretty tough, yes we occasionally got a bit moody (Ahem Lucy and Jen) hangry and weary but ultimately it was one helluva trip and we wouldn't have trusted anyone other than Jen to bring the playlist and keep us entertained! :p

When we wrestled for TNA it wouldn't have been the same without the support from our wonderful family. Jen and Dad travelled all over the UK with us when we started out our wrestling careers. They sat through us wrestling in front of crowds of 15 people and they also travelled across the country with us when we set out to OVW. Seeing them in the crowd when we wrestled at the Wembley Arena in London, England or when we walked out on stage at the M.E.N in Manchester was an amazing feeling. Jen being the awesome sister she is, also made us two kick ass signs on two separate occasions! We also can't forget the fact that she was always armed with a chocolate biscuit or two after matches! Honestly, her being there for us every step of the way and having the patience to sit through 3 hour wrestling shows, when she isn't exactly a huge fan, just goes to show how incredible she is in every way. We don't think we could ever repay her for the amount of times she has played "Standout" from The Goofy Movie, to calm our nerves and help us get in kick butt mode! :p

That one time our brother decided to search the songs that were number one the day and year we were all born, then proceeded to laugh hysterically at the fact that Jen's was Mr Blobby! Ahh brotherly love! 

Jen is the goofiest, most sarcastic and blunt person we know and we love her for it. We love that we can have conversations simply by sending Chuck pictures like this and we love that she always seems to know when we are in need of a good laugh. We can't tell you how many mornings we have woke up to the perfect picture or meme that she has sent that has helped get us through the day! :p

That one time she choked on a fish bone right after saying "eww, I got a little bone, i'll just swallow it!" Forgive us Jen, while we compose ourselves... where were we? Oh yeah, it really was actually quite scary so we don't know why we find it hilarious, probably due to the irony! Seriously though, whether it be the kitchen in Italy (top picture) Nanna and Grandad's (bottom picture) or home, we never fail to have the most fun, helping to cook while having our own little dance parties. Be it to The Overtones, the American Graffiti soundtrack or "Dig a little deeper" from "The Princess and the frog," We laugh, we exercise and we spend quality time together just having fun! We always look forward to getting home for these special moments!

We can't forget the time she asked our Auntie to send a parcel of our favourite Italian cakes over from Italy for when we were "visiting" home. It was the biggest surprise and so unbelievably thoughtful! The cakes hold so many amazing memories for us and we've missed a lot of parcels over the last 6 years, so this was so sweet! We love her tons for it! :) 

We often get very emotional when thinking of our 'little' sister, she has done a lot of growing up over the past 7 years and it's hard for us not to tear up at the thought of that's how long we have been away from home. We hope she knows just how much we love her and how extremely proud of her we are each and every day. As you can tell from the pictures and stories above, Jen has one huge heart and is all about family. She is the most selfless 21 (22 on Saturday) year old we have ever come across and makes us smile big all the time, if we're not rolling on the floor laughing! :) Jen is our Grandad's best friend, Nanna's little angel, our Auntie's confidant, Mum's baby and Dad's pain in the bum. ;p It's funny to think that 22 years ago, Mum got one big surprise finding out she was pregnant again. It's safe to say that that big surprise was the most special and wonderful surprise ever for us and Chris and we couldn't feel more blessed to have the best 'little' sister in the history of ever! 


Happy Friday everyone!
Lucy and Kelly


  1. It's Saturday here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN :) You sound like an awesome young lady and I hope you have a lovely day :) xx