Our Top 5 YouTubers! :)

We have thoroughly been enjoying working on our YouTube channel, Life is Sweet, it has been so much fun thinking of idea's each week, getting the chance to be creative and most importantly actually doing something that we had been thinking about for ages instead of always thinking it wouldn't work or we couldn't do it. It took a little while to feel confident and jump into it but we are so happy that it's another little dream we are fulfilling! :) With that being said, we love watching others on YouTube too, it is such a great place to find passionate and creative people who are all doing things that they love. Today we thought we would share our Top 5 YouTuber's with you! :)

Ok, so you have heard us talk about Jaclyn Hill a bunch on here, but she was the first person we started watching on YouTube. At the time we weren't massively into makeup but we loved that she was so passionate when talking about it. We also love how amazing she is at her craft. She is such fun to watch and we simply love her personality, so much so that we have been tuning in to her channel now for the past 2 years. Our makeup (mostly Lucy's) collection's are steadily growing and we always come away from watching her video's feeling motivated and inspired and much more capable of doing our own makeup and redeeming our old attempts! :p

Rosanna Pansino
We randomly came across Nerdy Nummies (Ro's YouTube show) one day about a year ago and we fell in love with the show and Ro. Ro is awesomeness through and through. We love everything about her. Her creations are incredible, her set up is so pretty and Ro herself seems like the coolest person ever! :) We have been inspired by so many of her treats and each time we see pictures or watch an episode, our brains go crazy with ideas and we just want to get in the kitchen and bake! :) She is perfect for kids and adults, ooh and we can't wait for her cookbook that's coming out soon! 
Nicole Guerriero is another beauty guru on YouTube, she simply has a really fun personality and we love picking up makeup tips and advice from her. It's really cool to be able to watch people who had goals and dreams and set about achieving them, like coming out with her own brand of skincare products, Best Damn Beauty. Go Nicole! :)

Makeup guru's seem to be the guilty pleasure here! :p We have really grown to love the art in what these girls do. It's fun to see so many different looks and learn from them. We don't always play dress up and get really glammed up these days, but we enjoy being girlie every now and again and experimenting with pretty makeup when we can. Amanda Ensing is beautiful and we love her channel. She is super cute and again, she inspires us to do what we love through doing what she loves! :)

The best place to watch all the cool stuff that goes down at Nerd HQ when you're not there! :( We plan on making a trip to Nerd HQ one day as we think it looks amazing and is such a cool and awesome thing that The Nerd Machine put together for fans and to raise money for Operation Smile. Their YouTube channel is great at keeping us up to date on all the wonderful things they are doing and we adore watching the live streams of the panels. (Where fans get to ask questions to their favourite actors/actresses/cool people from various entertainment things :p ) We just got caught up with this years Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski panel and smiled the whole way through. Those guys are beyond wonderful and we just love them. We have the Zachary Levi panel on our list to watch next, as simply put we love that man!!! :) His panels are always inspiring and hilarious!

There you have it, our Top 5 favourite YouTube channels! :) We hope you go and check out these channels and that you enjoy them too! Let us know if you have any channels that you enjoy, and think we should have a look at, in the comments below. :)

If you want to see what random, fun, goofy, crazy things we get up to, then please go and check out our channel Life Is Sweet :)

Dream big and happy Friday!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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