Must See/Must Eat: Life is sweeter with Un Bacio!

Chocolate is a wonderful thing! I'm pretty sure Wizards have it spot on that it can cure anything from a Dementor attack to a bad fall or a queasy stomach! Sometimes you just need a sweet little lift to make you feel re-energized and like your normal self! Whether it's passing a tub of Cadbury's chocolate buttons round the room while watching a movie, or dishing out a Bacio to each person round the table after a meal at Nanna and Grandads and practicing our Italian reading the love notes, chocolate has always been something we've enjoyed together as a family!
So when researching some places in the world I would love to visit, you can bet I zoomed in on a certain chocolate factory that is pretty much my idea of heaven. With this place in mind, today I give you three places that are on my Must See/Must Eat list in Perugia, Umbria, Italy!! :)

Casa Del Cioccolato!

Photo taken from the official website!

As much as I love Cadbury's chocolate, I would have to say that my all time favourite chocolate would be Perugina's Baci*! They are childhood, they are happy memories round Nanna and Grandads table, they are parcels from Italy, they are proof that little things in life really do bring so much joy and happiness. Imagine my excitement then when I found out that Perugina actually have a factory that you can go and visit, with a museum AND a gift shop....just think of all the Baci!!!

Photo taken from the official website!

You can even take cooking classes and learn how to make your own Baci! That would be a dream come true right there! 
For more information you can visit their website here:

*A Baci or a Kiss is a little chocolate and hazelnut praline. You can get them in dark, milk and white chocolate. Each one is individually wrapped with a little love note inside!

EuroChocolate Festival!

Photo taken from

This International Chocolate exhibition has taken place every year in Perugia since 1993 and draws in nearly one million tourists each year. It lasts for nine days and has all the popular chocolate brands like Perugina and Lindt to name just two out in the squares selling all kinds of chocolate goodies! There are also street performers as well as chocolate sculptors to enjoy watching while you smell the sweet aroma of the most delicious chocolate in the world. You would probably find me stalking the people at the Baci tent!

For more information, visit their website here:

Faffa Dal 1851 Il Fornaio!

Photo taken from their website!

Upon doing my research I came across this little bakery and decided to investigate a little further. I am so glad I did as when I found this picture on their website, I could have cried! Something about the shop front with the lighting and the snow, it just looks magical! 
Founded in 1851 by Vincenzo Faffa this little treasure in the small town of Ponte Valleceppi is now run by his great great grandson Luigi. 

Photo taken from their website!

Forno Faffa bakery bake around twenty different types of bread, all of which are slow cooked in their very own wood fire oven. To me the idea of a wood fire oven is just wonderful, our Grandad actually used to have one in his garden before we were born but it was knocked down to build a garage!!! I adore the smell of proper fires so the idea of walking into a place with the smell of wood burning among the heavenly smell of bread baking is just mouth watering! Take me there now please! :) 

To top it all off, I came across this picture on their facebook page:

Evening light, bread, Christmas decorations, snow...need i say more??

You can visit Forno Faffa's website here: 

Let me know if you know of or have ever been to any of these places! For now this has been another fun blog for me to write about another wonderful city to add to my list!

Until next time, Ciao!


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