Hot Topic: Love always wins!

I think I've mentioned in posts before that I'm not one for watching the news often or for reading newspapers or reading about the latest going's on in the world on the internet, as I honestly and simply can't handle it. I find it very hard to not get overly emotional and attached to every situation. I don't mean for this to come across like I am ignorant to the world around me, as I grew up with my Dad teaching me that sometimes you do have to pay attention just so you can be knowledgeable about what's out there and I do believe he is right. Furthermore, with social media these days it's tricky not to come across the latest headlines, good and bad. Therefore, I am learning to better understand the world and life, to take note and be strong and accept that life is life and it will continue to go on, through all the happy stuff and sad stuff, that's just how it goes. It's not always easy but I am really working on it. On the other hand, sometimes when I read things, it's not sadness I feel but anger. It makes me want to rant and rave and wonder how on earth people can behave the way they do or how people think the way they do. But again, this is something to control and learn from and is the topic of today!

You see, I very much believe in everyone having their own opinion, their own likes, dislikes, beliefs etc., I appreciate the right of 'freedom of speech' however I feel that some people take this to the extreme at the expense of others. I feel that if every time I disagreed with someone and started to rant and rave, then I would be adding to the negative and sadness in the world. I believe that saying something mean and then following it with "I can say what I want because I have freedom of speech" is a somewhat awful cycle that needs to be broken. I believe that taking peoples feeling into consideration would make the world a much more positive place.

In addition, I often feel like everywhere I turn these days, whether it be social media, newspapers and magazines, people feel the need to constantly infuse negative with positive and positive with negative, with 'freedom of speech'. While yes, everyone has the freedom to do so, if I walked down the street and insulted everyone I came across, very few people would see this as a positive, yet so many people use 'freedom of speech' in this way without even realizing it. It's like as a society we have become so programmed to being high and righteous in getting our opinion out there that 'freedom of speech' sometimes loses it's beautiful sentiment. For example, a big topic at the moment is Breastfeeding and making it more socially acceptable. In my opinion I'm for keeping breastfeeding private, special and intimate between you and your brand new baby, I think it's a beautiful thing, but I feel that breasts are breasts and I wouldn't want to have strangers watching me feed my child, but again, that is me. If someone feels comfortable breastfeeding in public, then fine, go for it. However, it honestly breaks my heart that every time I see a post from women who are for making breastfeeding socially acceptable and for doing it in public, they always seem to criticize the women who don't believe in that. I kid you not, every post I have read, every article I have seen, makes it seem like people like me hate kids, think breastfeeding is wrong, or make it out like I are some kind of prude, and it honestly really gets to me and hurts. How about you do your thing and I do my thing, I have my reasons and you have your reasons. I won't judge you, so don't judge me, please?! Why does the world always feel the need to build something up only to tear something else down? Why do people feel the need to act like there opinion is right and push it in people's faces?

A few weeks back it was wonderful to hear the news that Gay marriage became legal across the States. It was lovely to see so many happy couples being excited about the idea that they could one day get married. At the same time as smiling and being happy for them, I couldn't help that pang of sadness towards the world in which we live in, that their lives were being dictated by other people. Love is love, why do people feel they need to have an opinion on other people's lives when it has absolutely nothing to do with them and does not affect them in any way? I have to admit that when all this made headlines, I kind of sat back a little and thought wow, everyone is acting like this is a big deal. Now, I wasn't being rude, as I completely understood why it was/is such a huge deal for Gay people/couples and society in general, but I felt that way because in my mind I just kept thinking 'Why is that even a law?' 'Why did that law just pass?' 'Why are we even talking about this?' 'They should be allowed to be whoever they want to be without people judging them.' 'I shouldn't even get an opinion on this because it is their life.' Does that make sense?

It doesn't just apply to these such greater topics, I see this kind of attitude everywhere, in talking about your favourite shows, music, fashion, makeup, etc. Think about it, how many times have you heard conversations like "I love that show, it's so funny." "Really? I think it's awful." ??! How many times have you come across a book review that berates a book, a book that you go on to read and love? I ask you to think about your daily life and what you put into the world, your words, your thoughts, your actions, can you make them kinder? Can you get your opinion across without bringing someone else down? I dislike watermelon, I'm not about to start a campaign to ban watermelon and belittle all those people who love it and think it's delicious. I do however love donuts and will happily write a million blog posts about how happy they make me and how you should try one too, if you'd like, as it might make you happy too! :p
In conclusion, yes we all have our opinions and yes we all have a right to love things, dislike things, believe in things and so on, but when getting our thoughts across, lets all try and keep a few things in mind and they are to speak with kindness, to think about others feelings and to let others simply be. We must treasure our lives and our journeys and make the most of what time we have, don't waste it judging others and worrying about what they are or aren't doing. Go and enjoy your life and live it the way in which you want to live it and let others do the same! :)

Have a beautiful day! :)

Love Lucy xxx

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