Hot Topic: Social media society!

Last Thursday night my husband and I made Pastina and grilled cheese, put on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', placed the cushions all cozy on the couch, put our feet up and got ready to snuggle up for the evening and relax...but not before I tweeted about it!!! Who else is guilty of this? Come on, hands up!! I have to own up and admit that this is something I often do in this age of social media. The digital age of tablets, IPhones, laptops, IPads and so on. I have become so accustomed to having my phone on me at all times, so I can look at it every few minutes to see what's going on in the world or to Instagram the cookie I'm about to eat. And this coming from someone who quite happily got by without caring about having the latest gadgets or wanting/needing a phone when all the kids my age were getting one, someone who didn't get a phone till after she left high school at 16. Whatever happened to that kid who barely took the time to flip open her phone and text with friends because she was out playing in the garden with those friends or busy pretending to be Jeff Hardy at wrestling practice...with said friends?!

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about to be a written piece where I bash social media and all the latest forms of technology, as honestly, I have pro's and I have con's, I'm mixed and constantly go back and forth between the way in which I like to picture the world in future.

So let's start with the Pro's.

* I for one love that with social media we all have a way of connecting with people. I see that in two different lights. One, that we are actually able to connect with people who live far away, talk to them on the phone, see their faces via Skype, hear their voices and leave messages/receive messages to play anytime, when they are in a different time zone, with the likes of Voxer and many more. Two, that we are able to connect with people emotionally, people from all walks of life that you've never met before or may never actually come face to face with, but they are out there and they like what you like, see the world how you see it, have the same ideas and beliefs you do and make you not feel so alone.

* It has become a great platform to promote business and get yourself/company/book/movie/product out there. Maybe a few years ago you would tell your friends and pass it on and that cycle would keep going and things would gradually build. Nowadays, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and millions of people around the world may actually get to hear about your book and go pick up a copy.

* It is a quick and easy way to look something up, do research, find directions. You don't need to route through a bunch of cook books to find that one recipe you wanted, you switch on your phone, type it in and bam, it's right there.

* Although I know they are still just people, one of the coolest things I love about social media is the interaction it allows you with artists, authors, actors, musicians, wrestlers. Growing up Kelly and I would dream of talking to the people who inspired us through books or the TV and we never dreamed we'd be able to. Through Twitter we have been able to thank so many of our favourite authors for writing our most favourite books, and not just that, but they have responded and we have got to know them. I think when used right, it's nice that it is a platform where we can show love, respect, admiration and thanks to people who make us smile. 'Celebrity' or not! :)

So what about the Con's?

* As well as feeling positive about emotionally connecting with others when you get excited that someone has 'liked' your picture or tweet, it can also have it's negativities, it can have a way of making you feel insecure if people don't like your picture or tweet. It's scary that it can be another outlet for ways in which people can bully day and night, and be more secretive about it. Plus hearing people constantly going on about how many followers they have or how many 'likes' they get can encourage negative competition or again just the feeling of being down on yourself if you don't have the same.

* When we're glued to our phones and forget to look up, we miss the beauty in the world. We miss the scenery as we are walking down streets or as we're riding in the car on road trips, we miss interacting and smiling with passers by. We really miss what's actually real. Even more so these days in that our phones can filter every image we take, we are forgetting what true beauty actually is and we are becoming brainwashed by the perfect image/life/body/face/cake/colour, if that makes sense? Everything can be edited to look brighter/'better'/smooth.

* No longer (in some cases) are kids running around outside making potions out of leaves, building schools for their teddies with cardboard boxes, having countless hours of fun 'cleaning' their mini paddling pool slipping on the water and soap or making every paper mache/PVA glue/painting/drawing piece of art that Neil Buchanan made on Art Attack...yes my siblings and I did all of the above, but they are playing on tablets, focusing on a tiny screen and many a times it's the only way to keep them still, forget a pad and paper.

In regards to the cons of Social Media/technology, when talking to my husband I have a tendency to get on my little high horse (I'm admitting to it, so that makes it slightly ok, right? :p ) about technology and what my kids will be allowed to have/do. I want them to run around playing Harry Potter, pretend to make camp fires with stones and rocks in the garden. I want them to love reading and sit and draw and paint for hours on end, I want them to get covered in glitter/feathers/glue (she says) and create till their hearts content. In saying all this though I am aware of our ever evolving society, the fact that it is becoming an important life skill to know how to operate a computer. The fact that I am writing this to you on a laptop and that I adore blogging, goes to show that there are some things I will simply not be able to control and that over time we learn to adapt. I still always have a pad and pen on me but i do love working on the computer! :) I have previously said to my husband that our kids will not have computers and phones until they are 16, like I was, he simply looks at me and calmly states that maybe by the time we have kids, kids will be using computers at school for many of their classes and they will need one for homework. In addition, with me being me, he likes to inform me that kids like to hang out with friends at 13 years old, they may go to the mall, to the park, to the cinema, (at the 13 on their own? Eek! Help me?) and he knows me well enough that if I don't have a way of contacting them and knowing where they are, I will most likely freak yes our child will most likely have a phone at 13. :p I do love that kids are able to learn skills through playing games on tablets, but when the 11 year old kids, who I taught when they were 3, are now following you on Instagram and they take better selfies that you do, you start to worry ever so slightly! :p

I'm not here to critique the younger generation or how they are raised, as I have days where I have to remind myself to put my phone down and step away. With this blog and our YouTube channel I always feel like I'm Tweeting and working hard to try and reach more people. I love the idea of lots of people reading what Kelly and I are so passionate about, what we care about in our writing, and connecting with people who may feel the same, but there are many a day where I just sit back and think 'what will be will be, Lucy get off your phone!' :p You might be thinking 'but don't you love scrapbooking? Aren't you constantly taking pictures... on your phone?' I was thinking just the same when writing this blog, however, when giving it a little more thought, while yes I may be looking through a lens to capture a shot, when it comes to sitting down at my scrapbook and inserting the pictures, it's purely for me. I don't need 'likes' or people favouriting the images, I am simply keeping them and loving them for my sake. It's rather nice! :) You see, its in those moments, I wish the world didn't revolve so much around social media, the 'likes' the 'favourites' the followers' etc. I miss the days when kids could just be kids, go outside, explore and really experience and see the world around them, adults too for that matter. I long for privacy and to not feel the need to express every minute of daily life/pictures with everyone, yet at the same time, I love seeing where the latest technology is going to take us. I enjoy tweeting my favourite authors when I have finished and fallen in love with their books and I absolutely adore waking up in the morning checking my phone and having a Voxer message from my little sister, Nanna and Grandad! So maybe it's all down to balance, like the saying goes, "Everything in moderation"

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below! Are you for or against this digital age? Or are you similar to me, in that it comes with good and bad?

With that, I leave you with this song from the awesome Zachary Levi...

Have a wonderful day!
Love Lucy. xxx


  1. I read this twice and I pretty much agree that this digital age we live in comes with good and bad. I love being able to talk to people who share the same interests as me, and being able to communicate and thank the people who I admire and look up to in life is amazing, and I include a certain pair of twins in that list! ;)

    But there are so many drawbacks. I am a stickler for good spelling and grammar, and feel that the English language is being destroyed by "text speak!" It feels as well like people are becoming zombies, glued to their phones at all times, and in "real life" people aren't communicating like they should if you get what I mean.

    And I have to say, I'm so glad I grew up before technology took over. My childhood was mainly spent outdoors - playing football, riding bikes, climbing trees, making up all sorts of games and basically just getting my hands and feet dirty haha!

    The internet has been a marvelous invention but I sometimes feel that the world was a better place before it was invented.

    As for the solution to the cons of social media, well that's another discussion for another day!

    Hope you don't mind me sharing my two cents!

    Another excellent and thought-provoking blog, Lucy :) xxx

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