An interview with Ryan Nemeth!

Since moving to Louisville KY, six years ago, we have been fortunate to meet some of the most amazing people and create friendships that we hold incredibly dear to us. We have met people from all walks of life. With many of us having moved here to focus on wrestling, training day in and day out, many a friend became like family. But what's so special about these friendships is that so many of our friends make us feel rich. We feel rich in that they inspire us daily, teach us something knew, feed our creative thoughts, we support and learn from each other and more often than not, when talking to them, conversation makes us feel happy, excited, motivated and simply thankful that they came in to our lives.
Ryan Nemeth is one of those such people. Wrestling is a funny thing. When you meet people for the first time you often end up talking wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, and while that is ok and always fun, it's awesome when you find people that you connect with in different ways. Ryan is awesome to talk to. The last time we saw him was in sunny California, while on Route 66 with our Dad, and we had a blast talking about everything from wrestling to books, to writing , to people, to comedy. Ryan is hilarious and in a lot of ways reminds us of our brother, which we think we tell him every time he does something that reminds us of our brother...sorry Ryan! :p Currently Ryan is kicking ass working on all sorts of projects, which inspires us to no end, and as much as we could go on about how awesome he is, you're probably here to read what the man himself has to say, so ahem... without further ado we give to you Hot, Young, Ryan Nemeth...enjoy! :)

1) We know you love being at the beach and Sharks are your favourite. What is it about sharks that you love so much?
I have loved sharks since I was a very small child. I was very quiet and kept to myself. I was shy. I spent hours and hours drawing sharks. That's all I would do: just sit and draw sharks. There is something in that, it must have carried over into my adult brain. I have never let go of that fascination and admiration. They are incredible animals. And the older I got, and the more I learned about them, the more the fascination and the admiration grew. I think they're great. I had a very exciting close-up encounter with a large bull shark in Tampa. I was fishing with Santino and Sandow. You can read about it in my new fitness book, which should be available on Kindle and other platforms VERY soon... I also released a new shirt on featuring a shark graphic I drew- all the sales from that design the last month are being donated directly to a shark research/education/conservation program. That is something I am really proud of. I finally feel like I have taken whatever "fame" or "notoriety" that comes with being a wrestling/comedy personality and I've done something useful with it to help others. And I would like to continue doing that. Thank you to everyone who helped with that and bought a shirt!

 2) We loved your books I Can Make Out with Any Girl Hereand Life Advice for Your LifeYou have us laughing out loud whenever conversation arises between guys and girls. Tyler in 'Life advice for your life' is rather blunt, goofy, crude and doesn't seem quite the romantic, so tell us, what would your ideal date be? Fun? Romantic? Cozy? Action packed?  

There is a little part of both of those characters that comes from me. Of course. That's what makes writing those characters so fun to me. My idea date would involve sushi or maybe even fondu. Oooooooh, I know. A sushi boat. Oh, you know what? My ideal date might be at a wedding. Weddings are the best. So fun. I should write a book about that. My ideal date is a wedding date. Yeah. Dress in cool clothes, have fun, go nuts. Laugh. Champagne. Then make out in front of everybody. Make everyone else feel uncomfortable because of all the making out. That or a comedy show. Or the beach. Or somehow combine a comedy show, the beach, someone else's wedding, and super public making-out. Yeah, mix those all together somehow. Or making out at the aquarium. Whatever it is, just make sure there's some deep tongue kissing. In public.

 3) Being an author and working on your own books now, do you still find time to read? What are some of your favourite books?

I love reading. I love reading books and screenplays recently I read World War Z (the book) which was amazing. Just amazing. I also just read a children's book about sharks that a fan mailed me as a gift. That was great. Hahaha. And I read a really fun and funny script by Dylan Meyer that I can't wait to see brought to life as a film. I am also reading a book about SNL that details the changes in the show's format over the decades as it relates to the rest of the world's changing political and pop culture climate...very interesting, although a tad dry. There was a great book I read like 7 years ago- The Perfect Storm- so damn good. I didn't see the film, but the book was really good. 

 4) What do you love most about writing? What inspires you to write?

I love making other people laugh. That's it. That's really it. I want other people to feel happy, as happy as possible, while they're reading or watching something I wrote. That's the reason I started wrestling, that's the reason I perform on stage, and that's the reason I write. I want people to forget about the things that make them sad, forget about the stresses and things that make their lives so least for a little while. That's it. That's all I want to do. It's very simple. So I try to take those things, those aspects of life that suck so bad, and I try to flip them around and present them from a different point of view, and make them silly. That's it. Case closed. I want people to feel happy and smile and laugh.

 5) When you're not busy at the gym, writing, acting, doing your comedy shows and wrestling, what do you like to do? What would your perfect day consist of?

I love the beach. I love watching the water, and listening to the waves. I like the calmness it makes me feel. I also like the feeling of realizing that each drop of water is connected to another drop, and another, and another, and so on and so forth until the entire planet is one big giant living, breathing organism. That is really cool to me. And it starts right at the water, right where the surf is rolling softly toward you up the incline of the sand. Wow. Oh, and I love watching The Simpsons nonstop.

 6) We don't have long in California. Where would you take us?

I would take you to a few beaches. Although they are not as amazing as the ones in Florida, there are some good spots. I would also take you to some comedy shows. I want to make sure you see the Cook County Social Club perform. They are an improv troupe I used to watch in Chicago. I reconnected with them out here (I even shot a pilot with one of the guys, Brendan Jennings, and John Morrison- it's on YouTube- it's called "City Fit" on Morrison's page- go watch it! ) . And I'd like to take you somewhere I myself have never been, too: whatever part of California the huge redwood trees are in. Let's go there. I've never seen them in person yet, and I'm dying to. And Sushi House in Studio City. I love that place. For the last year, it has had a banner up that says "Grand Opening! 50% off!" hahaha. It's always the grand opening, forever. In five years it will still have just opened and have the grand opening sale. It is permanently just opened. Like the store in the Adam Sandler "Zohan" movie that's always going out of business, every day, at all times. Hmm. What else. I guess I would also take you to Gold's Gym in Venice. It's my favorite gym here, and it's a notable place to visit. I don't know. We can do whatever you want. Los Angles isn't really a great place to visit. It's a great place to be for a long time, so if you have a month or so we can do cool stuff. But it's hard to show a visitor some sights in like a weekend or something. So much traffic. We should also go to a Kings game. Thank you, Carrlyn!

 7) We mentioned above that you have us laughing all the time and your comedy is our kind of comedy. What do you love most about doing stand up comedy?

Thank you for your complimentary words about my sense of humor! I love performing live comedy- especially improv comedy- for the same reason I write, and for the same reason I wrestled: I want people to feel happy feelings. I want them to laugh, and to smile, and to forget about any troubles they have. Their parent who passed away. Their cousin or kid who is sick. Their girlfriend or boyfriend who broke up with them. Their job that sucks. Their job they got fired from. Their pet dog or cat who is getting old, and you know that soon you'll have to put them to sleep...whatever! Whatever the bad thing in their life is, that week, or that month, that year, that day- I want to be able to make them forget about it for a little while. I want people to smile. 

 8) You trained at OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) in Louisville and you've trained at WWE's NXT in Florida, can you give us some stand out moments from your time at both places? 

I could talk for hours, days, weeks on end and tell you all my memories. Wow. Hmm. Hahaha I actually feel like this is the hardest question because there are so many things to say and there is no way I could get them all down here. I have so many memories from FCW and NXT, so many fun things. A lot of what I remember most isn't the wrestling - it's the parts before and after shows, or on off days. The rides to the shows, the rides back home after the shows. Just driving all around Florida and Georgia and where ever, laughing for hours on end with your best friends. That kind of stuff. Spending time at the beach with my friends. Or alone. I had a lot of beach time in Florida. You know what, there is nothing like the beaches in Florida, especially on the Gulf. There just isn't. I try to recreate it here in California, but it can't be done. There is some sort of precise perfect combination of the type of water, the humidity, the latitude and longitude, the feeling in the air, the sun- all of it. I long for Florida beaches daily. 

 9) If you could pick a place in the world to visit that you haven't been before, where would you go?

I would love to go everywhere. All over. I haven't been that many places, to be honest. I've been to a handful, but really not that many. I'd like to see Alaska. Antartica. Japan. Hawaii. Whatever. All of them. Let's go everywhere.

 10) What's next for Ryan Nemeth? Where can people come and watch your shows?

I'm releasing a humorous fitness book relatively soon. You will be made VERY aware of that. I also do nonstop improv shows, and a bunch of other stuff, and have some fun little part in a few upcoming films, including Pee Wee's Big Holiday and XOXO. Follow me on Twitter at @HotYoungBriley and you will know absolutely everything I'm up to at all times! Even when I pee!

Working on the set of WWE Swerved!

There you have it, told you he is awesome! :) Thank you so much to Ryan for taking the time to answer our questions and join us on the blog!! You are the best!
We loved reading Ryan's answers and hope you all did too! Be sure to go and follow him everywhere on social media and check out his books and comedy shows, you will love them! :)

Have a great day!

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