Must See/Must Eat: A taste of La Dolce Vita!

It's no secret that we love Italy! Growing up with Italian grandparents is something we feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for. From all the delicious food we've been fed, to trips to the beautiful country to visit family, to getting sent parcels full of the most heavenly cakes to, and most importantly, being shown from an early age that Italian passion that everyone talks about! If people were to ask what two words best describe our childhood, I would answer quickly, Food and Love! That's it, it's that simple.

I have been dreaming of visiting Italy again for a long time, as the last time we went was 2004 to see our Auntie in Padova. I am so eager to take my husband on a trip along the Amalfi coast. So, with that being said, I thought I would give you the top three places that are drawing me there more and more each time I look at them online!

Pasticceria Pansa!

Photo taken from their website!

We have been eating cakes from this wonderful place for as long as I can remember. It is a little cafe in Amalfi, which isn't too far from our Auntie Rosetta's house in Praiano! Our Aunties would always buy them when they knew we were visiting and each time our Grandad went to Italy, when we were kids, we would eagerly await his return, as you bet he had parcels wrapped up in his suitcase especially for us when he got back! They are our favourite cakes in the world with so many heartwarming memories attached. You can see how excited we truly get about them on our British Vlog! Our brother and sister have both been lucky enough to visit the cafe but me and Luc never have. My dream is to sit outside with a book and a coffee! Ahh yes...heaven! :) 

You can visit there website here: 

KASAI ristorante/pizzeria!
Photo taken from their facebook page.

Our Nanna is from a little village along the Amalfi coast called Praiano! It is an absolutely stunning place and recently became home to this delightful little pizzeria. Inside looks amazing, the decorations are just my cup of tea with fresh tomatoes, lemons and spaghetti, placed expertly around the room and on tables. Then there is the view from the outside seating area...

Photo taken from their facebook page.

This breathtaking view is enhanced by fairy lights and rustic style seating. I can only imagine how relaxing and peaceful it is to sit out there with only the sound of the sea and the cheerful voices of the Italian locals to keep you company, all whilst delicious smells from the best food in the world alight your senses and tickle your taste buds!  Hopefully I won't just be imagining it for long!

You can find more information and like their facebook page here: 

Il Casale Fralisa!

Photo taken from Google.

I can not even look at this place without getting warm fuzzy feelings and the urge to jump on a plane to Italy right now! Again, this place is situated in the heart of Praiano close to our Auntie Rosetta's house. Our little sister showed it us while we were home and we have all decided that while it may be a villa to rent for holidays, we actually need to live there! It looks absolutely incredible! The thoughts of a family trip, where we eat, sit in the sun, read, visit our family and just take in the gorgeous view every single day, swim around my head constantly and I am hoping we get to plan a trip there soon!

Photo taken from Google.

You can find more information about this villa and plan a trip there for yourself here:

So there you have it! My top three places along the Amalfi Coast, I would love to visit soon! I love sharing these wonderful places where my family are from and hope if you get to visit any of them, that you have a wonderful time. Subconsciously though, I do hope, that these areas aren't turned into huge tourist attractions as they are beyond perfect just the way they are! With that, I am off to do my Rosetta Stone...Italian of course!! :)

Until next time! Ciao!

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