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You will always see us tweeting or hear us saying the words "Dream Big," we often used it when signing autographs as wrestlers. Nowadays we like to hashtag it a lot on our tweets. It's something we are firm believers in. From pursuing our childhood dreams of becoming professional wrestlers to now, when we spend our days blogging, making youtube videos and dreaming up ideas for our own books. No matter what our dreams are, we will always attempt to reach for them. In recent posts we have told you about our childhood hero's, Jeff Hardy, Good Charlotte and the people who have inspired us most recently, like Chris Evans and Zachary Levi. But there are plenty of people closer to home who have paved our way of thinking and instilled in us a desire to always reach for our goals and Dream Big! One of them is our Dad, he is an amazing man, more awesome than you can even believe, he has done so much and is definitely the reason behind our strong work ethic, but his story will be for another day and another blog. Today, is all about our Auntie Angela!
Our Auntie Angela is our Mum's big sister, they are like chalk and cheese, but are very close in age so in turn have a very close relationship. They drive each other mad at times but no matter what, they are always there for each other. Since we can remember, Auntie Ang (as we call her) has been a jeweller. We remember when we were kids, Mum taking us to the shops Auntie Ang was working in, we would watch her change watch batteries, sell Diamond rings and of course we would occasionally have fun trying on different pieces of jewellry that sparkled through glass cabinets.

Auntie Ang at a recent event held at her Didsbury store.

Twelve years ago when the Jewellery shop Auntie Ang was working in closed, she decided it was time to dream a little bigger and instead of finding a new place of employment she decided to build a place of her own. She did just as she dreamed and Victoria Highfield Jewellers was born. It soon became quite a family affair and was a place where we learnt new skills when working there every Saturday from the age of 12 or weeks at a time during school holidays. It is actually pretty cool when people are surprised that we know how to change watch batteries, straps or add and remove watch links. Over the past twelve years there have been plenty of ups and downs, quite a few location changes, but through it all Auntie Ang has never given up. She works her butt off to see her visions come to life, she fights for what she believes in and she makes sure her customers get the best prices, best quality and best customer service. Her flagship store is close to home, in the heart of Heaton Moor (Stockport, England) It is a wonderful shop in a perfect location that we just adore!

Most recently, Auntie Ang opened up a second location in Didsbury (England) This shop is absolutely stunning and is home to the latest in fashion trends such as CHLOBO and CLOGAU. Our Auntie splits her time between both shops and if you are to visit this Didsbury location you may also spot our pretty awesome little sister Jen, who works upstairs and keeps our Auntie in line! 

Both shops specialize in Bespoke pieces as it is one of Auntie Ang's favourite things to do. She loves getting to design one off pieces to suit her customers wants and needs, in addition to providing happy couples with the perfect engagement and wedding rings. Her wedding pieces are hugely popular and successful proven by her recent award: Bridal Jewellery Retailer of the year.

In conclusion, we are so proud of our Auntie and what she has accomplished. We may not tell her as often as we should, but hopefully this blog can give her a little insight in to just how much she has and does inspire us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how big or small they may be. She has shown us that no matter what obstacles (and there may be many) that stand in your way, with a little magic, self belief and one big support system (our family truly is the best) you must never, ever be afraid to DREAM BIG! :)

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Hope you enjoyed this blog, let us know if you live in the UK and visit any of the Victoria Highfield locations or if you find something pretty online! :) Here's one of our favourite pieces exclusive to Victoria Highfield that you might want to snap up...

Keep smiling and Dream Big!
Lucy and Kelly

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  1. The pictures are absolutely stunning! They should be on the website!
    The website has fabulous stuff, and I bet the stores are even better!

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