Then and Now!!

If you watched our most recent Vlog over on our YouTube Channel, you will see a little sneak peak of behind the scenes at our most recent photo shoot with the lovely Kayleigh Plant and Abi Lawrence. We love doing shoots with these girls as the creative juices are always flowing and we simply have a blast. We pick Abi's brain for makeup favourites and advice and we would be absolutely lost without Kayleigh. Many photographers we have experienced will have us stand in front of a camera and they will just keep clicking away and expect us to change poses as we go, well, models we are not, entirely comfortable in front of a we're not that either, so Kayleigh is awesome at talking to us, telling us what to do and making sure she gets the perfect shot. :)

It's been around 4 years now that we have been getting together with these ladies to update our portfolio's and we can't quite believe how much we feel we have grown and all the different looks we have been through. So we thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane...enjoy! :p

This was our first shoot! Oh how young we look! This was also after we had just dyed our hair back to brown after having it bleach blonde for many years! It was still slightly too dark for our liking here, it has since returned to our natural shade! Oh... and one can never have too many candy bracelets...clearly! ;)

Here we were trying to go with a more grown up, 'sexy' (if you will) kind of look! This was also the first time we had our first real freak out the night before a shoot, as we had gotten spray tans the day before and truly (we kid you not) looked like oompa loompas! Abi saved the day with her makeup skills! :p

This was, and still is, probably our favourite shoot (closely followed by the most recent) we have done. We strayed away from doing the 'twin thing' and let our personalities shine through a bit! We both have different creative ideas sometimes, so we thoroughly enjoyed expressing ourselves! :)

This was our 'its Easter, lets pose with ducks and rabbits' shoot! :p We kid! But really, we posed with ducks and rabbits. We just wanted to go back to being more cute in this one. We wanted to very much be us! We were also taking family pictures with our brother and sister too, so we kept it more simple! :)
And here we have our most recent shoot. Again, we have stuck to being more ourselves and have long said goodbye to our 'oompa loompa', bikini picture days. These lemon dresses we saw in Kohls and they immediately reminded us of Italy, then in turn we immediately wanted to take pictures in them! :p Moreover, this time we actually wanted to embrace more of the 'twin thing' too and dressed a like and had very similar makeup! :)
So there you have it! Be sure to click on the links and check out Abi and Kayleigh, they are awesome and always take time to schedule us in when we are home, for this we can't thank them enough! :) We love looking back on all our shoots and look forward to the next one! :)
Have a beautiful weekend everyone! :)
Love Lucy and Kelly!


  1. You both look so beautiful! I love them all.
    I absolutely love the one where you are two are wearing the black and white dresses, but the last one where you two look playful is just naturally beautiful :)

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you so much Angie, you are the sweetest! :) Happy you like them! :) xxxx