Sister, Sister!

When thinking about what to write for the blog today, my mind was a little blank. It's been a busy week so it's been a bit tricky trying to focus my mind on writing. However, when I sat thinking about the fact that it's Friday tomorrow and I started to get that Friday feeling, I looked at the calendar and thought "wow, we're a day away from August...August already??" and with that little thought in my head, I decided what better way to celebrate the arrival of the new month with a blog all about our little sister, who just so happens to be born in August!! I couldn't think of anything more perfect! :)

Our "little" sister isn't really that "little," this upcoming birthday she will be 22 years old. What can I say? She'll always be our "little" sister to us! We've mentioned her a lot in our blogs and on our youtube channel but just to give you a more formal introduction, here are a few little facts about her:

1) Her name is Jennifer but we mostly call her Jen or Jenfer.
2) She loves the show Chuck (Hey, we're in this obsession together ok?)
3) She's awesome at sewing and makes kick ass cushions!
4) She may just be able to turn any sentence into a song!
5) She has a gift for remembering really random movie facts or actors!
6) She is a really hard worker!
7) She loves Harry Potter! :)
8) She is hilarious and, we're pretty sure, some kind of genius!
9) Her favourite band is The Overtones.
10)She is the best at doing accents!

Ok, so now you know a little more about her, you should feel better acquainted next time her name is mentioned! :)

Having sisters five years older isn't easy, add to that the fact, that she had sisters five years older who are twins, was extra difficult. Myself and Lucy always had our little talks and were into the same things so Jen often felt very left out. Thankfully, as we've all gotten older, you could probably mistake us for triplets. We love so much that we all have, no matter what, at least four things  in common...any guesses? ;) Harry Potter, Chuck, The Overtones and Chris Evans!!! Haha! Believe me when I say that the whole talking 24/7 about things that you love, didn't just stop with me and Lucy! This makes for very fun Voxer messages early in the morning or late at night! She never fails to make us laugh with the stuff she comes up with and it's safe to say that the three of us have mastered the art of having conversations in Chuck faces! (Don't ask)

In all seriousness, we count our lucky stars for being able to say that she is more of a best friend than a sister (both our brother and sister are awesome and we all get on brilliantly) When we first came to America we were focused on our dream, loving every minute of our independence and making new friends.We didn't take too much time to think about what we were missing back home. We were young and adventurous. Nowadays, each trip home, (we hate that home is always where we "visit") we realize just how much we're missing. Jen has grown up so much over the last 6 years and while we voxer every day and skype every weekend, some things you just want to be there for. She has turned into such a wonderful young woman, who works her butt off and helps our family so much. Our Nanna and Grandad honestly wouldn't be without her. She looks after them so much and we know she will sit there and roll her eyes like their family, it's nothing, but it really is. Knowing that she is there looking after them and in turn keeping us up to date with messages and pictures means more to us than she could ever know. We are so so proud of who she is, the person she has become and the things that she does.We hope she knows that no matter where we live, there isn't a day that goes by where we don't miss her, think about her or wish she was in the room for that "only you would know what to say or do right now" moment! Oh and for all the movies that we can't watch until we're together...our "What's your number?" or Zachary Levi movie marathons are just not the same either!

If I started to write down all our best moments or memories, this would soon turn into a book not a blog. I hope you've enjoyed hearing more about our other "other" half. She truly is just as, if not more, awesome than we have described. Last year, we spent her 21st birthday together in Las Vegas while on a trip of a lifetime doing Route 66 with our Dad. This year, we may not be together but you can guarantee there will be plenty of Voxer's, one long skype conversation and, Jen if we could,...Scott Eastwood, in a box on your doorstep....we'll keep working on that one! ;) Love you! 

Until next time, happy weekend!

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