Round Peg Promotions!

We often talk on here about our families, about people we love and people who inspire us, well this past weekend we felt an overwhelming sense of love and pride for two people, who without a shadow of a doubt made our lives so much brighter, happier, crazier and more adventurous than we thought possible, the moment we met them. The people in question being our husbands. :)

Now to keep this from being confusing (they are both called Chris) we are going to write using their wrestling names, Chris Silvio (Lucy's Chris) and Package or Sharpie, if you will, (Kelly's Chris) :p

At the beginning of the year Silvio set about starting his own Promotions company, he had a vision  and a dream and wanted a place he could let his creative juices flow. Round Peg Promotions was born! :) Though not just a wrestling company, he had an idea in mind of what a wrestling show should be like, he wanted to show the world that it can be more than just a ring set up in a hall, with match after match being the same old wrestling match. So after months and months of late nights and 15 hour work days, bringing Package on board and combining both genius's, Friday Night Fights hit Expo 5, here in Louisville KY. The show was insane, awesome, entertaining and everything in between. From start to finish it wasn't just about wrestling and it certainly wasn't your average 'indy' show. They had a DJ, a bar, cupcakes, lights and all sorts of action! They had characters, entertainers, luchadors, circus freaks, and the hottest music. The whole thing felt like one huge party. For those people who think wrestling isn't "cool" well, wait till you've been to a Round Peg Promotions show...they may just change your mind about that!

Following Friday Night Fights and just this past Saturday. The Rustic Frog held host to Summer Fight Fest and once again Chris Silvio and Package proved that when it comes to creating one hell of an atmosphere to spice up your average "wrestling" show, that they are the men for the job. This show took place outside with a bar, a pool, mechanical bull, stage, body painting tent, (it was an 18+ show) basically imagine your school summer fair but for adults. Some of the same, and not to be missed, characters from Friday Night Fights made a welcome return to the Summer Fight Fest stage, such as "Wylde and Walker," @WyldeAdam @ptrobbiewalker, 'Manbeast' @tedthemanbeast "The BodyGuy," @BodyGuyIM Paredyse @paredysexoxo and of course the one and only Chris Silvio himself. Alongside these guys, this show also featured former TNA superstar "The Freak" Rob Terry @RobTerryimpact (the loveliest person ever), "Boom Boom" Colt Cabana +ColtCabana  and former ECW star Sabu @TerryBrunk From bell to bell this was one thoroughly entertaining show. We laughed, we cheered, we screamed, we sat down, we stood up, we jumped up and down and most of all we just had a blast! Now, we are very aware that we pretty much know the wrestling business inside out, we've had many a match, we know what goes into it all, but we will never be ashamed to admit that we are wrestling fans through and through. It's not often (our husbands can attest to this) that we sit and enjoy wrestling without being critical or being picky. For instance, when watching a Tag match, we will be cursing like Rip Rogers if the tag teams don't do it right! :p So for us to get lost in a night of entertainment and enjoy all the matches on the card, it's a pretty big deal! ;) Plus, when you know how hard everyone is working and know what they are going through to give the crowd a great night, we think that makes us want to cheer and shout extra loud when they are doing such a good job! :)

We are very much looking forward to the next Friday Night Fights, which takes place in two weeks at the OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) arena and we encourage all those in Louisville to come and check it out! We shall be there for the meet and greet and can't wait to be part of the action and see everyone! :)  If you aren't able to come to the shows, please head over to Round Peg Promotions social media pages and give the boys your support! They truly inspire us each and every day and we just wanted to do this little post to show them some love and tell the world just how extremely awesome they are! :)

Here are some fun links for you to check out! :)

Round Peg Promotions YouTube Channel! Keep up to date with all the exciting action and stars! :)

Package Chris Sharpe YouTube Channel! If you see a referee doing a crazy dive or getting the loudest chant of the night, it will most definitely be this guy!

James 'Paredyse' Long YouTube Channel!  As you can see the posters kick ass, so you can bet it's none other than this guy behind them! We've mentioned Jimmy a bunch of times on the blog, he is awesome and the best artist (and maker of our super cute blog banner) on the planet!!! Fact!!! :)

Follow the boys on social media:
Twitter @TheChrisSilvio
Instagram: thechrissilvioshow
Twitter: @RefChrisSharpe
Instagram: refchrissharpe

Photo credit to Benjamin Marcum Photography! :) 

See you at the shows!!

Love Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. Ahhh these shows look so freakin fun. Think I'm gonna tie a few days in Louisville into my America birthday trip in September so got my fingers crossed for a show :)

    1. Honestly they are an absolute blast! :) That sounds awesome! You will have to keep us up to date on your plans and hopefully it will coincide with a show! :) xx

  2. They are doing such a great job! Well done for them!! <3

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