Disney Resorts wishlist! :)

So, lately anytime I see a Tweet or Facebook status from Disney, I feel a little pang inside for how much I miss the place, soon followed by a flood of memories of how awesome it was that my husband and I actually got to experience Walt Disney World as our back garden for eight months. It truly is a magical place, one that I never tired of. I don't necessarily miss Florida itself, after all I live with Lucy again and being close to family knocks everything else out of the water...but still...:p

With my love for Disney springing to mind a lot this week, it got me thinking about before myself and Chris lived there and back to when we got to experience the wonders of the Disney Resorts. We have been lucky enough to have stayed at "Port Orleans - Riverside" (Honeymoon) and "The Animal Kingdom Lodge" (First Wedding Anniversary) Both our stays at these resorts were beyond our wildest dreams and we loved every minute of our trips. So naturally we now want to stay at every resort Disney has to offer! While that may not be on the cards anytime soon, I thought I would daydream and share with you my little Disney Resort Wishlist! :)  

Disney's Coronado Springs.

This is one of the moderate resorts Disney has to offer and just looks amazing and SO pretty. I love the lights, the water, just the whole look of it, from the pictures I've seen. I never actually saw this one up close, well not that I can remember anyway, but I love the idea of the Spanish-Colonial Southwest style. The huge pyramid waterfall at the pool is also a must see. The rooms look quite simple but cozy with lots of browns and hints of a light kind of blue almost turquoise colour, which I love. I can just imagine a walk round the water at night time then snuggling up in the huge, soft, cloud like beds!

Disney's Boardwalk Inn.

This is one of Disney's deluxe resorts and already brings back some lovely memories for myself and my husband. He is one of the reasons I had to put this one on my wish list as he really wants to stay there. You can stay in rooms on the ground floors that actually have their own little garden with the white picket fence. Every time we would walk along the boardwalk, he would look and say, "wouldn't it be so nice to stay in one of those rooms one day and pretend we live here?" I love that even if you aren't staying at this particular resort you can still have a walk round and see what the boardwalk has to offer, you can go through the main entrance or get to it from Epcot, which is what me and Chris (my husband) would often do. There are restaurants, shops, an art gallery and even a little beach. It's a pretty place to just take a stroll and I imagine that staying there knowing you could stay out late, see the lights and put your feet in the sand before heading back to your room would feel very romantic and sweet!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge.

Another Disney deluxe resort and probably highest on my list to visit, although let's be honest, I wouldn't complain about going to any of these. I love love love log cabins, or just the outdoorsy, cozy, wood feel and this has all of this in abundance. The inside kind of reminds me a bit of The Animal Kingdom lodge but the outside is completely different. It really does look like it could be a ski resort on top of a mountain! I would love to stay here and sit by a log fire with a cup of coffee, relax and unwind, ugh it would just be perfect!

Even though I haven't mentioned them here, I would also love to stay at one of the Value resorts, they all look so cute and colouful that I just haven't picked which one yet! :p

Which resorts are on your Disney wish list? Have you stayed at any that are on mine? If so what did you think?

Have a great weekend! Keep Smiling!

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