5 Questions with Referee Chris Sharpe!

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about two of our biggest inspirations - Our Husbands! They continue to do amazing work, running shows, working day jobs, being awesome and keeping us on track when we are stressing out about silly little things. My husband, Chris ( Sharpe - the referee) has been doing such a good job of the latter lately that I thought I would sit down and do a fun little blog with him. So today, I bring you five questions about wrestling, from a referee's perspective with the best unsigned referee in professional wrestling today "The Package" Chris Sharpe! :)

1) I know first hand how hard referee's work but for those who may think it's just counting to 3, share with us what other jobs you are asked to/expected to do?

Thanks for having me (wife), ;op I think a lot of what's expected, at least on the higher level independent events and in major companies is helping with communication. If I could best describe our role in one word it would be communication. That being communication between what the Booker wants out of the matches, communicating that to the wrestlers, using body language to communicate our stories to the audience, even communication in the ring during matches as far as when we are live or when we are in commercial. If you're not a good runner, or gopher, or company man you will struggle. If we don't hit a certain time cue and the show goes off the air without the finish of the match airing then it doesn't matter how many times I told the wrestlers, as the referee I'm the one to blame. It's a lot of responsibility and in a way it's both a role where you must be a follower and a leader. Other than that it's wise to get there early. Leave late. Make sure everything's cleaned up. Help load the ring in the truck and take down the set, etc.

2) While wrestlers may work with the same people over the course of a story line or with the same bunch of people they travel with, you get to be in the ring with everyone on a weekly basis. Who have been some of the best people to work with as a referee? 

That's one of the coolest parts as far as the 'wrestling' portion of wrestling goes. I've kinda got like a checklist in my head. When I was younger I felt I would wanna be one of the guys who worked in ECW, WCW & of course WWF. Nowadays it's a little different but I can say that I've worked for pretty much everywhere I've set out to as far as companies with a name go. I see working with as many different wrestlers as similar. I've had beneficial learning experiences with wrestlers and divas great and rotten. They've all helped me. So really I don't look at it that way anymore either. Unless I'm working full time in a major company it's more about being able to constantly referee my best friends in life rather than anything else. I love being able to referee and travel with my closest friends I went to wrestling school with here in Louisville, KY and of course, getting to referee my wife, sister and brother in law Chris Silvio.

Chris being slammed by Lei'D Tapa at a Global Force Wrestling event.

3) It wasn't until myself and Lucy got to America that we realized just how important the referee is in a match. What have you found over the years are the biggest mistakes people make regarding the referee?

Well I get it. As a wrestler when you're putting together your match the referee isn't your 1st priority. The wrestlers have certain business to accomplish and it's my job to help make sure that happens while demonstrating the acts of a referee. The problem is what they do to accomplish these things ins't often as thought out as regards to the referee and whether or not the referee will look stupid for allowing whatever it is the wrestlers think is a good idea. It may be as simple as having too many people in the ring at one time in a tag team match or blatantly breaking a rule in front of the referee's face. Once something like this happens I believe the audience then directs their subconscious attention to the referee. If he or she looks like they are doing something to correct the rule breaking then they look back to the action and the look at the ref is an unnoticed glance. If the referee doesn't look like they are trying to correct the situation however then it will be very distracting to most and the referee will then get the 'boo's' intended for the bad guys. 

4) What would be your dream match to referee? 
The Main Event of Wrestlemania, whomever it is.

5) Who have been your biggest influences as far as referees who have come before you in the wrestling business? 
All of them. I got into wrestling because the Hebners are very good family friends dating back to David and Earl going to school with my Grandmother. I respect a lot of dudes who do this though. Everyone within WWE is there for a reason in my opinion. I have a tremendous amount of respect for my friends Scott Armstrong, Brian Hebner, Jason Ayers, Brian Stiffler, the entire WWE & NXT referee crew, Jordan Barker, Joe Wheeler and really many more but I don't wanna leave anyone else out.

There you have it everyone, a few things you may not have known about the role of a Professional Wrestling Referee and in my opinion the best one there is out there today...I'm not biased, it's true! :)

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Until next time, keep smiling and dream big!


  1. This was such an interesting idea for an interview! I loved reading it <3

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

    1. Thank you so much Emily, so happy you enjoyed it! :) xxx