What's on your "Living List?"

I recently read a lovely book called "Love, Lies and Lemon Cake" by author Sue Watson. The story is based on a lady who, at forty two, wants to start experiencing life. She is unhappy with her marriage, has a grown up daughter at University and feels like there is so much more she wants to do with her life, she doesn't want to be stuck. When she finds her old "living list" and realizes she only ever accomplished the last two things on there, she knows it's time she did something about it. It is a really sweet story and I couldn't help but route for Faye and want to see her happy. I also loved that she called her list of things she wanted to do a "Living List" as she felt "Bucket List" always made her think of death. I think that too!

Now, I LOVE lists, I will write lists for EVERYTHING! Whether it be a "To Do List", A list of books I've read, places I've been or even just your standard grocery list, I love writing things down and ticking them off. There's just something about that feeling of accomplishment. I will even write something down just to tick it off, if I started my list after I'd already done that task! Is it just me??

Every year I like to write a list of things in the back of my diary that I would like to accomplish that year. It can be fun getting to Christmas and seeing what I managed to actually do. However, as someone who does like to think of "The Big Picture" I've never really been able to write a "Living List." Sure there are plenty of things I know I want to do in my lifetime, but what if I write them down and don't do them?? It probably sounds strange, as I am aware of the point of writing one in the first place, it can give you the motivation and drive to make it happen. I can be fine doing that with a month or a year but with life...yikes, sometimes it's scary. I'm an over thinker and a worrier albeit trying not to be (see Lucy's recent post.) and often feel if I commit to writing all these things down, I will have a list of things that will make be disappointed. Ever the optimist! :p

Upon reading this lovely book though I sat and thought about all the things that at 27 I have already done and it made me realize that "actually Kelly, you are pretty good at doing things you set your mind to" and also "you have already been fortunate enough to experience so many amazing things, so keep dreaming big, what is there to be scared of?" I then felt better about writing my "Living List" and it's true about them giving you more motivation and drive to make these things happen. They don't have to have a time frame or come with a fear of failure, after all some dreams may change and if that happens, you find a new one! :)

So with all that being said here is something from my "Living List." Now you can all check up on me in years to come to make sure I've done it! ;)

I would love to spend a month or more in Italy! (Maybe even when I have kids as I want them to be fluent in Italian.) I want to practice my Rosetta Stone and not be scared of talking to my Aunts without my Mum there, I want to immerse myself in Italian culture, eat, drink, live simply and remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have the Grandparents that I do. :)

Do you have a "Living List?" If you do I'd love to hear what kind of goals and dreams you have! :)

Until next time, Dream Big and Keep Smiling! :)

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