Life's full of inspiration!

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, Lucy and I love happy things and if something/someone makes us happy you will most likely hear/read about it. Even as children we would dive into things 110%, whether it be a new found love of  a TV show, band or hobby, you can bet it was all our Mum and Dad would hear about 24/7, much to their delight! :p When thinking back on all these things I used to cringe and have any one of these thoughts... "seriously Kelly, could you not just stick to one thing instead of changing your mind constantly?" or "oh my gosh you really went through that phase?" or "poor Mum and Dad, what did we put them through?" and "wow I can't believe you used to like that band or person?" However, in recent years I have learnt to accept that all these so called "phases" have made me who I am today. Some, introduced us to our first live concerts, thank you Gareth Gates. Some taught me not to be too greedy, I mean did I really have to get FOUR Beanie Babies the first time our Dad took us shopping for them?? (Sorry Dad!) Some gave us new skills, I can still remember the G cord on a guitar and play the "We will Rock you" bit on the drums...yes I know it's easy, but it's all I got, so I'll take it! Then, there were the ones that really did change our lives. These were the "phases" that involved particular people who to this day I am forever grateful for. That brings me to todays post...

Here's to the people who have inspired me and who continue to do so each day! :)
It's no secret that we were the biggest Hardy Boyz fans growing up. The moment we set eyes on them at the age of twelve, that was it! Every school book, pad, pencil case, piece of scrap paper, you name it, anything we could write on was emblazoned with The Hardy Boyz logo or "Jeff and Matt Hardy rock 4eva." Out of the two of them though, we were very much drawn to Jeff Hardy and his unique style and carefree attitude, he just became our everything. We wrote poems, used our few minutes on the internet (dial up connection back then) to look up pictures for our Jeff Hardy files and talked about him non stop. Our Mum and Dad went a long with it thinking it was just a phase and we would soon find something else, but to us this was it, we were going to be like Jeff Hardy one day, we were going to be a sister tag team to his and Matt's brother tag team and maybe one day we would wrestle on the same show as him! By now you know the story, it turns out Mum and Dad were wrong on this one and the inspiration from Jeff Hardy lead us to a nine year wrestling career that they supported us with every step of the way! We got to do pretty much everything our little twelve year old selves had dreamed of and I truly believe if it wasn't for Jeff Hardy that wouldn't have been the case! On a side note, in high school so many people used to be like "ooh you fancy him" etc and that was never the case, we absolutely adored Jeff Hardy but even in our early teens when everyone had their boy band or first crush, it was never about that, we really did just want to be him and looked up to him! It was and still is all about the wrestling!
We got into Good Charlotte about a year after we got into wrestling and funnily enough the two go hand in hand. We had just figured out what our chosen career was, we just needed a boost and the confidence to not let anyone stand in our way and stop us. Enter the pop punk rockers, us against the world, don't want to go to collage, angst filled, foursome Good Charlotte. With them we had everything we needed to go for our dreams regardless of what anyone said! Looking back at our all black phase and the mornings before school of blasting "The Young and the Hopeless" from our bedrooms for the whole house to hear, may fill us with a little guilt, mostly for what we put our Mum and Dad through, this phase lasted for the majority of our teens, when all they wanted was for us to smile and wear dresses, however, it's what got us out of bed in the morning and pushed us through the school day! We weren't terrible but we were definitely at an impressionable age where anything Good Charlotte said, we did. There were many an argument about not going to collage or university. We didn't care, we just wanted to wrestle and Good Charlotte backed us up, so we didn't care what anyone else thought! As much as this may sound negative, now thinking back I smile, we turned out ok (I think) so Mum and Dad can laugh (I hope). We ended up going to collage after taking a year out to do our thing, (and get jobs) but we also followed our dream and honestly, I thank Good Charlotte for that, as they gave us the determination and motivation to do it. We all have our own thoughts, dreams and personalities and should embrace who we are. Some find it easy being themselves from the get go but I think others need a little help finding their voice and confidence. We were the latter and Good Charlotte came into our lives at a good time! To this day, even though I may not be blasting "The Chronicles of Life and Death" for the world to hear, any time I hear a new song it puts a huge smile on my face and reminds me of how I got to where I am! :)
This person is a typical case of simply loving them because they make you happy. Granted I know I don't know him personally but we all have people we love and connect with via the big screen or music scene, that's just life! I first came across Zachary Levi after getting into the TV show Chuck, which just so happens to be the best TV show ever, trust me, go and watch it! My sisters and I watched it together the year me and Luc spent at home, so it reminds me of a year full of family, laughing with my sisters as we all became fully fledged Chucksters. The show is hilarious and the more I watched it, the more I just fell in love with Chuck and naturally the person playing him. He is just perfect, goofy, emotional, nerdy, funny, the list could go on. Since then, I've watched every movie Zachary Levi has been in, I've bought the first season of  "Less than perfect" one of the first shows he appeared in, also hilarious, (please let me know if you can buy the other seasons anywhere) and watched many a interview with him. The more I watch, the more I just think he is such an awesome person. I especially love the "Conversations for a cause" panels they do each year at Nerd HQ! See The Nerd Machine for more details. He comes across as such a genuine, lovely person and inspires be every day to be kind, spread love and make others happy.
I'm a huge marvel movie fan and my favourite go to movie is "What's your Number?" (Anyone else?) But it hasn't really been till recently that I've become a little infatuated with Chris Evans! Looks aside (but really...sigh!) he just seems wonderful! Again, I know I haven't met him but from every interview I have seen (I like to go off spoken interviews as I don't really trust the magazines) he just comes across as a very well rounded guy. He's funny, sweet, family orientated and loves Disney, what's not to like? I believe that people come into your life at the right time and that's definitely the case for me here. Watching his movies after a long day at work makes me relax and just smile, sending pictures to my sister who's 4000 miles away and sharing a little girliness is priceless and hearing him talk about us living in the now has really opened my eyes and inspired me to think a little differently or rather not think too much at all! The most recent interview I saw you can find here: I literally watched this with a huge grin on my face as everything he said resonated in my mind. It's truly inspirational and much needed in my life right now! :)

I would like to add that though all the people I have mentioned are celebrities, I am also inspired everyday by my friends and family. My Dad is a huge inspiration to me, probably the biggest, and it's because of him that myself and my siblings are so determined to be creative and do the things we want to do to the best of our ability!

I hope you enjoyed reading about who inspires me, I would love to hear who inspires you everyday or even just who makes you happy! Life is full of people and while we may not all have the same ideals and opinions, when you find those that speak to you and connect with you, I feel you should embrace them!

Until next time, keep smiling!


  1. Not saying this just to be nice but there's a number of reasons you and Lucy are an inspiration. Biggest one being how positive you both always seem, surround yourself with people like that and it rubs off on you, especially when you're not feeling too great. Another reason is seeing how despite being very much proper English girls with English likes and loves you've both gone to America and made happy fulfilling lives for yourselves,as somebody who would move there in a flash given the opportunity it's great to see you both made it work xx

    1. Aww thank you, that's very kind of you to say! We're glad we can help spread a little positivity every now and again! :) Moving to America has been great fun, it's definitely taught us a lot about ourselves and also helped us really appreciate where we came from a lot more! :)
      I didn't realize Emily Kinney was a musician too, I have seen her a few times when my husband watched the Walking Dead but I know her best from dare I say it...Chuck!! ;) She was in a few episodes of that too...see more reasons to keep watching!! :)

    2. OH MY, I didn't know she pops up in Chuck :D <3

  2. As for non Lucy and Kelly inspirations, I do rather love Emily Kinney. I always thought wow when when she was on Walking Dead (played Beth if you ever watched) but she's actually a really fantastic musician as well, really love her stuff. To put it in other terms she is to me what Mr Levi is to you girls I think ;). You know how despite somebody being an uber famous celebrity they also come across so down to earth and sweet <3

  3. Chris Evans could inspire anyone.

    1. Haha, this made me laugh...yes...yes he could!! ;)

  4. Such a great post, Kelly. I loved hearing about how they all inspired you and still do. And Chris Evans, -swoon-

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog