Lets get Artsy! :)

Over the past few weeks at work, I have been feeling rather creative and have really wanted to make sure that my kids are doing lots of fun activities. Now, in my previous childcare jobs I have worked with children from the age of 3 upwards, so activities, though still catered to different stages of developments and age ranges, were always quite simple to plan and prepare, as 3 and upwards can understand instructions and are very capable of doing plenty by themselves. However, in my most recent position, I work with babies, from 5 months to, I think, my oldest is 8 months. At first when I stepped into this position, I would look at my planning sheet and think, "what am I going to be able to do with them?" One of my favourite things about working with children is getting to do arts and crafts, bake and work on imaginative projects, so I started to feel a little dubious as to how much I was going to enjoy being in the baby room. That was around 2 months ago and needless to say, I am enjoying every minute in the baby room and love my babies. Furthermore, we have been busy doing tons of arts and crafts and I'm pretty certain they are loving it too! :) I still learn along the way as to what is sensible and age appropriate for them but we have so much fun and I love getting to introduce them to all the wonders of paint, paper, stickers and crafts galore. :)

Here are some of our projects, with a few tid bits along the way to help you if you plan on doing this with your own babies or if you happen to be a teacher too! :)

A few weeks back our theme for the week was 'Farm animals' so I decided to make paper plate sheep and cows with googley eyes. This is a fine example of expecting a little too much, or not so much expecting anything, but it ending up being a little trickier than I imagined for babies of 7 months old. Though, most of the gluing and sticking ended up being done by yours truly, I loved allowing the babies to play with the materials. I tend to do all my activities one at a time and can therefore be extra aware as to what they are doing...no eating cotton wool today thank you! :p It's always fun to see their faces looking at the finished product too, though they may not have been able to put this all together themselves, they smiled so big when we got to talk about sheep and cows and make the sounds, so I definitely feel like they still learnt a lot. :)
For "Gardening" week, we got a little messy "planting" our vegetable gardens! :p This activity was perfect and I loved the end results. For this one I had the babies sitting in one of the floor seats so that I could show them the paint and so that they could sit somewhat still and really feel the paint on their toes. They were adorable and I loved seeing all their different facial expressions. Many of them giggled and looked from me to the paint brush a bunch of times and it was simply the cutest. I like the idea of, for older children, allowing them to stand up and place their carrot painted feet on the paper themselves (you holding them for balance, of course, and so that you don't end up with carrot prints on the carpet! :p ) I feel like that would be so much fun. :)
Just this past week our theme was "Caterpillars and butterflies" So naturally "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" came in to play! :) We had been doing a lot of printing the previous week, with vegetables and fruit, (see below) so I was trying to think of something different for caterpillars and came across marshmallow printing on Pinterest. I thought this would be super cute and a fun one for the babies. In addition, I enjoy working with materials that if they do get it on their fingers, won't cause any problems if they put their fingers in their mouths, well maybe a slight sugar buzz in this case, but nothing too harmful! :p They loved squashing the marshmallows, I bought the giant ones so that they would stand out more on the paper, so they were extra fluffy and soft. For this one I had them sitting in high chairs, placed a marshmallow in their hand and placed my hand over the top and guided them with their prints. Most of them used their cheeky little other hand to grab at the paint and paper, but that simply made me smile and excited to see them interested in what they were doing. :)
Another for "Gardening" week! :) We planted our peas using a circle shaped sponge and green paint. This one was a blast to do. And even our littlest baby of 4 months did it too. :) For this one, I had them sat on my knee with a flat surface in front of us on the floor. This was really helpful in guiding them and enabling them to do more. They held onto the sponge, dipped it in the paint and squished it on to the paper. So cute! :) Ooh and I drew the outline for the pod and had them sit back on my knee when the paint had dried and let them hold the green marker and colour themselves! Again they were adorable and it was all them, they were guiding me. :)
This one I showed you in the last post but it was one of my favourites. It got a little messy but when we opened up the folded paper to see our butterfly print, everyone of them smiled so big at all the colours that it was most definitely worth it. They enjoyed holding the paint brush and dipping it in to all of the colours and then pressing the folded paper with their hands to make the print. They turned out beautiful! :) My babies love paper and always want to play with the paper with their spare hand so paint can tend to go everywhere. My next point of call is making safe and edible paint for them for occasions such as these...stay tuned! :)
Thank you to all the wonderful and creative people on Pinterest who I allow me to expand my imagination and creative ideas, you are all awesome! :)
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Have an awesome and colourful weekend!
Love Lucy xx


  1. Such clever ideas! I am always trying to get E to be more creative, but she doesn't care about the exercises I make for her. Maybe these will excite her. <3

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you so much Angie, that made me smile! Ooh I hope she loves them! :) xxx