Happy things! :)

It's the middle of the week...yay! :) As you may know, from previous posts, or any form of social media that we are on for that matter, we LOVE pictures. We adore scrapbooking and probably have twenty plus between us, if not more...most likely more. We actually don't take as many pictures as we used to though, believe it or not, we honestly used to click away non stop. Our friends can attest to us always having a camera in their faces, especially when food was involved, but alas, we have cut back slightly and try to be more present in life's precious moments, though a camera is more often than not at hand for when you just need one for the scrapbook!! :)

So today we bring you a few snapshots of things that have been putting a smile on our faces over the past few weeks! :)

Yep we are total suckers for the Limited Edition Oreos. These Smore's Oreo's are delicious! :)

I love making my baby room bright and colourful and with this weeks topic being "Caterpillars and Butterflies" it was the perfect opportunity to add that splash of colour to the walls. The babies loved getting messy with the paints and smiled so big when we opened out the paper to get our symmetry butterfly! :) - Lucy

I love this picture that my husband took, when we went to Kentucky Kingdom for the first time, one weekend ago. He is the theme park nut, but over the last six years I've grown accustomed to going with him to a few different theme parks, and I have to say I just enjoy seeing him happy, as well as eating fun theme park food! :) - Kelly

Both Luc and I received amazon gift cards from my husband this past Friday, "just because", and it was the sweetest thing and made us smile!! He knows how much we both love books and has been watching me search amazon for cute books to stock up my kindle with lately! I have found so many new authors that my list just keeps getting longer!! Thank you Chris!! :) - Kelly

We have been LOVING this bake book "Sweetapolita" since we bought it about a week ago. Every time we look at it, we can't help but smile and feel inspired. Hence, all the goodies pictured with it...we can't wait to get baking this weekend! :)

This guy makes me smile the brightest each and every day. If this past weekend was any indication, he walked through the door three times and surprised me when I thought he was going to be working late and when I thought his business meetings were going to last all evening and then all night, I literally jumped up and down and squealed at the sight of his cute little face and you couldn't wipe the grin of my face for the remainder of the weekend. :) -Lucy

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy day! :)

Please let us know what's making you smile this week or feel free to share your snaps with us via Twitter: @TheBlossomTwins @LucyOsterfeld @KellyLSharpe or Instagram: TheBlossomTwins, LBlossom, Keggy88

Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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