Blogger Tag! Books! Yay!

The past few weeks we have been constantly talking about books and our book lists are getting bigger and bigger by the minute! So when we came across this Book Blogger tag, we simply couldn't resist another opportunity to talk to you about books and show you just how much we love them! :p We hope you enjoy and feel free to join in! :)

1) Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
Lucy: I love curling up on the couch to read, preferably with a few cushions around me and my feet tucked underneath me. :) If it's late I also like to read tucked up in bed, although sometimes holding a book up will make my arms ache and I get a little uncomfortable! :p I dream one day of having a little cozy book nook, with bean bags, blankets and cozy cushions, ooh or even just a cozy seat by the window! :)
Kelly: I like to sit on my couch with a pillow behind me, a blanket over my legs facing the direction of my bookshelf and patio doors. It's extra special on weekend mornings when the sun is bright and shining through the blinds. It's my little quiet time, just me, coffee and a book! I would also love a little book nook one day!

2) Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Lucy: This made me giggle as no matter how many cute bookmarks I buy I always end up with a piece of paper, a letter, a note or a card, or even napkins. It surprises me sometimes when I open a book and a note from my husband falls out! :p
Kelly: I love bookmarks and have had a magnetic one Lucy got me for many years now with 'love' written on it!
Lucy: Haha i'm pretty sure I have a magnetic one that says 'dream big' that came with that pack, but which book it was left in I have no idea! :p

3) Can you stop reading at anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part etc?
Lucy: Ooh I always like to finish at the end of a chapter. However, I guess it depends on why I need to stop reading. If I'm in bed and it's getting late, I'm the one more chapter kind of person and will keep my eyes peeled no matter how sleepy until I get to the next chapter. If I'm reading on lunch break and have to get back to work, I just have to stop wherever I am...sad face! :p
Kelly: I agree, I'm an end of chapter person unless I really, there better be a good reason for me stopping in the middle of sentence, really have to stop!! :p

4) Do you eat or drink while reading?
Lucy: I like to have a cup of coffee or tea by my side, so I can occasionally stop and take a sip, but more often than not it will go cold if I'm too caught up in my book!
Kelly: I love having a cup of coffee or tea with me and occasionally the odd biscuit but I usually end up eating the biscuits before I get comfy as otherwise I don't want to interrupt my reading to take a bite! Haha

5) Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?
Lucy: Nope!!! I like to be in a quiet place so I can completely disappear in my book. Though sometimes if my husband is watching TV and I'm curled up next to him, I can still zone out and read.
Kelly: I prefer to be in a quiet place but if my husband wants to watch something and I want to read but we want to be with each other I can usually zone out. Especially if I'm reading a book that I am completely into, it's like no one else is in the room!

6) One book at a time or several at once?
Lucy: One at a time, though I will say that I'm pretty sure I have a few more chapters left to go in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and for some reason I forgot I was reading it and picked up another book. There are also a few Jack Kerouac books that I read little by little.
Kelly: Definitely one book at a time! I couldn't concentrate and remember what was what If I read more than one at once. I like to devote my full attention to the book I am reading so I can enjoy every minute of it!

7) Reading at home or everywhere?
Lucy: I love reading at home but I can happily read everywhere. I've recently started taking books to work on my lunch break and I always take books with me when travelling. :)
Kelly: I can read anywhere, my favourite place to read is home but I will read at work or at the airport or if I have to go somewhere and wait for someone. In a day and age where you can look around and see everyone on a cell phone, it's nice to see people with a good old fashioned book!

8) Reading out loud or silently in your head?
Lucy: Reading silently in my head most definitely, though I absolutely adore reading out loud to the kids at work, that's one of my favourite activities with the kids! :)
Kelly: Reading in my head but just like Lucy I love reading to children. I love passing on my love of books to them and teaching them the importance of reading. :)

9) Do you read ahead or skip pages?
Lucy: No way!! I like to read in order. Although I have read book series in different orders when I wasn't aware of them being a series, if that makes sense?
Kelly: NO!! How could you?? :p It wouldn't be the same if I didn't read in order, I don't want to know what's coming. I want to be surprised and taken on an emotional journey and invest in the story!

10) Breaking the spine or keeping it new?
Lucy: I love to keep my books in great condition, all pretty and pristine, but I also have one or two books that I have found at Half Price Books that are a bit more worn in and I like those because it makes me smile to think that someone else has enjoyed it and passed it on! :)
Kelly: Hmm I tend to keep my books in great condition too but if they were to get a little bent or broken in from me reading them too much it wouldn't bother me! In Florida I was at the library every other day and loved reading worn in books that other people had obviously read and hopefully loved as much as me!

11) Do you write in books?
Lucy: No, no and no! :p
Kelly: Nope! Although I do treasure my copy of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire as it has a little message from my Nanna Knott on the first page! I miss her and my Grandad George lots so it always makes me smile when I see it. She was a big reader too and I'm sure we would be talking books all the time if she were here today!
Lucy: Ooh yes, little notes I am more than ok with at the front of the book! :)

Have a wonderful day and keep reading! :)

Love Lucy and Kelly xx