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In between reading a lot of kindle books lately about family, Island life, European vacations and lots and lots of delicious food, I have found myself day dreaming constantly about Italy.
Every childhood memory of family, meals, walking through lemon groves, climbing the 103 steps to our Auntie Rosetta's house, shouting out the name of her dog when we thought he was running away (he wasn't) and spending the majority of our time on the little beach in Praiano in our knickers, have been as clear as day in my head and I have found myself looking up flights and hotels just because it's good to know these things! :p So with all that being said, I thought I would tie in everyone's favourite Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Thursday trend with today's blog....Throwback Thursday: Italian memories!! :)

To prove my statement above, here we are with our little brother in our Auntie Rosetta's kitchen (she's the one in orange) helping her, and Auntie Ausilia, clean fish in just out knickers. This was the first time we had been to Italy and I believe we stayed in the flat our Grandad used to have in Sorrento. Whether the Italian heat was too much for our five year old selves, I don't know, but I do know we spent the majority of our time there dressed like this. I love this picture because I clearly remember being around fish a lot, most likely ones that had just been caught at the beach. It's funny as to this day I'm not a huge fan of cleaning meat but I've never had a problem with fish. I guess we started young and from the looks on our faces we seem very happy and content. Literally, as I am writing this I can smell what it smelt like in the kitchen on those days...that may sound gross but it's not the terrible fish smell you may think, but rather a fresh air, fresh food, sea just outside the window kind of smell! :) 

I can't remember exactly how old I was here, I want to say early teens, but this was our second visit to see Auntie Rosetta in Praiano. Here I'm sat on her balcony looking a little gloomy but in very good company. The reason I look a little worse for wear here is that I was ill right before we left home and continued to be for a good few days of the trip. I couldn't keep much food down (IN ITALY!!!) and remember my Auntie making strawberries with lemon juice and a bit of sugar (I made that here just the other day) to see if it would help my tummy...if I remember correctly it did a little. The lovely guy next to me is Sammy and the little dude alseep is Billy...the aforementioned runner whose name we shouted from the hilltops when we were five!! I loved dogs growing up so I would sit with them out on the balcony just chilling while everyone else was eating or busy running around. I don't think either of them are alive today but I will always treasure these memories!

Here I am on the same trip, looking slightly more chipper, with Lucy and Jen, holding yet another fish!! I can't look at this photo without it bringing a huge smile to my face. Firstly, look at Jen's face!! This was her smile growing up, with her big brown eyes, she always looked adorable. It brings back many a memory of her on steps anywhere she could find them with arms outstretched announcing "welcome to the Jennifer Knott show!!" Secondly, the way me and Luc are holding the fish makes me giggle. I want to say we had just been to the beach and caught it, or our Auntie's friend Rodolfo had just bought it back from a fishing outing. Either way tis funny! Thirdly, this trip was over Easter so a whole flood of memories appear in my head, like carrying a branch with cheese hanging off it round the Church courtyard, (must look into the symbolism of this*) seeing the Easter Eggs in all the shops with all there shiny wrapping that was different from our boxed Easter Eggs back home, all the delicious four course meals round our Auntie's table and playing with the hundreds of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs our Auntie had...we all picked one and named them, there is a picture of that somewhere too! 

I can not begin to explain how lucky I feel when looking back at these pictures and thinking about all the amazing family memories we have. Italy obviously holds such a special place in my heart, one that seems to be growing bigger each day. I am looking forward to the day I get to show my husband The Amalfi Coast and have him meet my family there, but until then it's back to my Rosetta Stone and my daydreams...oh and Nanna and Grandad's house in just four weeks!!! Yay!!

Hope you enjoyed my little throwback Thursday blog, I would love to see your favourite holiday memories or read what places hold special space in your hearts!

Until next time, keep smiling!

*Upon attempting research, I have not come across any information on this. If anyone knows or has taken part in a little Church procession like this, please let me know why! :)  

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  1. A branch with cheese!? Adorable. Maybe for the birds? I never heard of this as a church thing.

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