The Mighty Thor! :)

Ok so I admit, Kelly's Captain America cupcake shield was pretty sweet but now it's my turn... :p

I have to say that after watching "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" last weekend, I felt incredibly inspired to get in the kitchen and bake. I just LOVED the movie and thought it was awesome and have been obsessed with all things Superheroes this past week. :) Now I grew up loving Superman, he was our brothers favourite and Kelly and I simply followed suit. All 3 of us even had matching Superman capes that we would run around in all the time. Superman was simply the best until I got to learn all about all the other Superheros out there...thanks Jimmy! :p With learning more about the different characters and with all the hype over the comic book movies over the past few years, I have to say that I most definitely jumped ship and became a Marvel girl over DC. Superman, though I still have a soft spot for him, isn't quite the favourite anymore. Nope, farewell little red cape and hello 'Mjolnir'... Thor's hammer! :p

You can check out our latest YouTube video for all the Thor vs Captain America fun here:

But right now I'm just going to take you through a more step by step closer look at how I made my own edible 'Mjolnir' :)

What you will need:
For the rectangle:
10 cups of Rice Krispies
2 sticks of butter
2 bags of marshmallows - 10oz bags
For the handle:
5 cups of rice krispies
1 bag of marshmallows
1 stick of butter
3 wooden sticks
1 tub of frosting
Silver edible spray
A rolling pin
A fondant smoother
White fondant.
A baking tray.
A bag of chocolate chips
Gold ribbon

I followed a simple rice krispie treat recipe, which involved melting my 2 sticks of butter and marshmallows in a bowl and adding it to my 10 cups of rice krispies. Now you can do this in the microwave or on the stove, I did it a little bit at a time in the microwave but would probably suggest doing it on the stove as to not make a mess or have the bowl overflow... because that can happen...and it can get sticky. :p

I gave my mixture I good mix so everything was nice and combined, and after it cooled a little I started to mold it on my baking tray. Ooh please make sure you put wax paper down first to avoid having to use a spatula to pry the rice krispie treat off the you can tell I was on a roll! :p Before I went any further I placed 3 wooden sticks in the center of the hammer and then placed it in the freezer to set. This just made it easier to move around and pick up.

 Once out of the freezer, I was happy that it wasn't going to squish or fall a part. I then frosted the top of the hammer before making the rice krispie handle. I felt it was a lot easier to do this way so I didn't have anything obstructing applying the fondant. I simply spread a thin layer of frosting over the entire rectangle and then rolled my white fondant over the top!

Smoothing out the fondant.

Once the fondant was in place I sprayed it silver...yay. Starting to look the part! :) I then mixed up the second batch of rice krispies and molded it into a handle around the wooden sticks. Once again I placed this in the freezer to set.

I forgot to take a picture of me painting the handle with melted chocolate, as I was too giddy that it was working and coming together. :p But all you need to do is melt your chocolate chips and then use a pastry brush to spread it on the handle until it's covered. Then guess what comes next??... yep placing it in the freezer again to set.

For the final touch, tie the gold ribbon around the handle in little strips and....

YAY!!! :) I have to say I am incredibly happy with how this turned out. I was determined to be able to actually pick up the hammer and yield it, like Thor does, you know, just because one like's to dream of being an actual superhero... I can't help it, big kid at heart! :)

So there you have it. Check out the video and be sure to follow us on Twitter @LucyOsterfeld and Instagram @lblossom and let us know if you're on Team Captain America or Team Thor!! :)

Have an awesome day!

Love Lucy. xx

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