The first Avenger!

So after swapping back and forth a few times between Thor and Captain America, I can now officially say that Captain America is my favourite Avenger. Originally it was a tough decision because I loved the Thor movies, especially when the second one had Zachary Levi in ( you know I had to mention him somewhere) but ultimately my heart belongs to Chris Evans...erm I mean Captain America.

So after watching Avenger's Age of Ultron last week and spending the best part of the week wanting to be a superhero, me and Lucy decided to get creative in the kitchen. As that's the obvious starting point for any superhero right?? :/ Anywho, making Cap's shield was an obvious choice, but I wanted it to be slightly different to just making a cake or cupcakes with the symbol on them. So my next thought was "it would be really cool if I could make Cap's shield out of cupcakes but so you could actually hold it up." The following is how I did just that! :)

 You will need:
A circle piece of foam.
Your favourite cupcake/cake mix x 2
Blue, red and white fondant.
Silver baking spray.

First, I drew, as best I could, the outline of the shield onto my foam, then I placed empty cupcake cases with the toothpicks onto the polystyrene so I could get a better idea of how they would fit. This was a good idea, as originally I wanted to do three rows of cupcakes but I soon found out that wasn't going to happen, they just wouldn't have fit. My first row of cupcakes was already half on half off! The reason I went with mini cupcakes was because I could only find a small piece of polystyrene in Walmart and didn't have chance to look elsewhere. Saying that, I actually like it with the mini cupcakes, it looks very cute.


The next step was following the instructions on my cupcake mixes. As you can see from the picture I had intended on frosting the cupcakes and just dying the frosting red and blue where needed. This didn't actually happen because I just could not get the right shade of red, it ended up looking maroon and as I began to frost the first row, I just wasn't feeling it. So after a slight freak out, I changed my mind and just so happened to have red and blue fondant. My husband went out to buy royal icing at midnight...yes I am very lucky! :p

So once I had placed the cupcakes gently onto the toothpicks, I drew a circle, (little guess work) and cut out the cake for the center of the shield. Again I attached that with a few toothpicks. I used a little circle cookie cutter to cut red, white and blue fondant circles and then placed them carefully onto the cupcakes, before adding the white ones I used an edible silver spray... all in the details! :p I didn't use frosting to stick the fondant down, just because the toothpicks kept them in place. If you are going to do this for a party a little frosting wouldn't go a miss for extra yumminess and it would also help to raise the fondant so you don't see the toothpicks (Let it go...let it go ;) ) 

And voila, here you have it!!! It may have stressed me out just a tad and I definitely freaked out a little when things didn't go exactly as I had envisioned, but the minute I added the star I admit I fell just a little in love with it and all it's imperfections. :)

Here's the link to the video:

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