Quote me something sweet!

This week we thought we would share with you some of our favourite quotes to live by. We hope they inspire you, motivate you and make you smile just as much as they make us smile! :)

This one make us smile big as it is exactly who we are as people. When we love something, we LOVE to find people who like it too and connect with them. An example would be how many mornings we wake up to pictures of Chuck, funny animals, Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth from our little sister, and vice versa. If it makes us happy, we share it! :)

We recently watched the first Captain America movie again and the minute he said this line, we were just like YES!! Ever since we can remember we have always hated bullies. (Doesn't everyone?) We are firm believers in that no matter how rich, famous or 'important' you are, or whether you're a CEO, business owner, top of the totem pole, middle class, top class, popular kid, not with the in crowd, whoever you are, you have no right to make anyone feel belittled, sad, insecure, unloved, or disrespected,  AT ALL. It's never ok! Be nice, be kind, love!!!!
After spending nine years in a business where everyone's goal was to be on top and be in the spotlight, this quote really stood out for how we always felt during that time. We loved wrestling and, sure, we had the drive and passion to want to make it to the big time, but by no means whatsoever did we ever want to do that by stepping on other people. We wanted to do our best and keep making ourselves better and we wanted to be successful while staying true to ourselves and being good people. Some people may have seen that as weakness and act like that's never going to get you anywhere, but to this day, we still believe it's a better attitude to have than putting others down in order to succeed. Be you, work hard, be good, focus on you and do your best, you're light will shine through! :)
This one is simple and is something we think we get a lot from our family, especially the Italian side. Our goal in life is to spread happiness and positivity. Whether it be through baking, cooking, smiling at people, starting a conversation, saying hello to someone or looking after people. Whatever it may be we just want people to have enjoyed being in our company. We must admit that we are not happy 100% of the time and have our off days, (both our husbands know that :p) but the thing is why share our negativity? Why bring others down with our bad moods? As the world gets more technical and crazier over social media, we figure why not use it to promote love and happiness rather than hate and more sadness! We are human, like we mentioned, we definitely have off days and for those who think all the bouncy, happy, positivity can be annoying, it's who we really strive to be. Often when you smile even when you're down, it can help lift you up. So you never know who's day you will make if you share a smile. :)

This was a quote that came to us at the right time and was a little gentle reminder for us that things will be ok and to always look at the positive to a situation. You may know from this blog that we miss our family back home in England every second of every day, but we also are blessed with husbands and wonderful friends over here Stateside. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to balance and we feel awful that we struggle and get sad when we are so thankful for everything we have. In the moments of missing everyone like crazy, this quote makes us smile. We truly are grateful for all that moving to America gave to us and we know that even when we move back home we are going to miss the amazing people that became family here. :)

This one is for every single person who comes across this blog and for everyone in the world in general. We all go through our struggles and ups and downs, we all deal with insecurities and self doubt, we all have moments where we think someone has it all or we wish that we were as put together as someone else, but please whenever you get a moment where you feel down that a dream is too far fetched, a goal too far out of reach or by gum why won't your hair ever look as nice as the girls you see around you, do you have to live every day looking like a frazzled yoda, with whispy bits sticking up everywhere... :p you are you and you are so incredibly awesome and no one in this world can be you. Think about the people you have in your life, the journey you have been on so far, the stories and memories you have created, it's all you, no one has been through the things you have, or felt exactly the same as you have in certain moments, you are special and don't ever forget it!!!! :)

Lots of love
Lucy and Kelly xx


  1. I think this is my favourite blog to date - which is a huge statement considering I love them all! The line which stood out to me was "Our goal in life is to spread happiness and positivity" - because you do this better than anyone I know! :) It's almost comforting to know that you too have off days, because I have many! But I'm trying to adopt your way of thinking and be more positive and enjoy life to the full. So thanks girls, love ya both lots!! :) xx

  2. Aww thank you David! That just made me smile big! Thank you for helping us stay happy and positive! :) xxx


  3. What a cute post. Such a great sentiment behind it too.
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. You're welcome Kelly, or should I say Keggy! :p That actually made my day knowing I made you smile big! You made me smile bigger! :) xxx

  5. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought you have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention. essay synonym