I heart Disney! Looking back! :)

When thinking about what to write this week my mind kept going back to one place and one place only... Disney World. You see even though I am beyond happy to be back in Kentucky with Lucy and all of my friends, and though it definitely feels more homely here than it did in Florida, I do miss DisneyWorld so so much. I feel so happy, not to mention extremely lucky, that me and my husband got to be Walt Disney World pass holders for 8 months. Having that magical place as our backyard for all that time was the coolest thing ever. Going after work, in the morning, evening, all day, just for food, just for a walk round...sigh you get the picture, I just LOVED it!! I mean, who doesn't love Disney? The castle truly is a breathtaking site to behold and no matter how many times I saw it, it still gave me goose bumps and I would just pause and take it all in. 
If you have never been to any Disney park before, I hope that one day you will get to experience the magic too! :) 
With that being said, I thought I would share some of my favourite Disney memories with you...
Here I am in Epcot's Italian shop grinning from ear to ear after finding out they had all my favourite Italian treats. Funnily enough it took me a few trips to Epcot before I actually realized they had this shop, and boy was I happy when I eventually went in. I definitely stocked up on all my Baci here, it's definitely my favourite part of Epcot. I also got some cute Italian tea towels as well as trying other Italian chocolates while I had the chance.
This next picture is from a day out at Typhoon Lagoon, which we were fortunate enough to visit twice, on our own and once when Lucy and her husband came to visit. I loved walking round the water parks, it's just a different vibe and atmosphere. My favourite rides are when you can sit in a rubber ring or go as a group. I'm not a bit fan of slides as I hate the water spitting up in my face. Typhoon Lagoon has a HUGE wave pool and I mean HUGE! At first I wasn't keen as I felt like I was being dragged under water, which scared me, but once I got used to it, it was actually a lot of fun. Luc was exactly the same when she visited! I like that me and my husband are smiling in this picture, it was such a fun and sunny day! 
Tangled is my favourite Disney movie! One day we stayed for the new Festival of Fantasy parade and they had this float...day made!! I was so excited!! :)

The first time we rode the carousel in Magic Kingdom was on Valentines day at close to midnight. Here's a quick fact about me, once I am home nine times out of ten I will immediately change into pajama bottoms or sweatpants, with the perfect evening being spent reading a book with a cup of tea or cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. I rarely like to make evening plans as I know I am not one to keep them. However, my husband wanted to do something nice for Valentines day and with our time nearly coming to an end in Florida, we actually planned fast passes and an evening in Magic Kingdom starting at 9pm, yes you read that right STARTING at 9pm!!! I pat myself on the back for following through with it! :p It turned out to be a wonderful evening, one that just made me happy and smiley. We rode the new Snow White ride at midnight and it was just so amazing. I also found the "Chip" from Beauty and The Beast mug that I had been looking for, for a while! :) Disney at midnight is a definite must do at least once, it's magic during the day but it's extra magical at night, especially if like me, you love twinkling lights! 

Christmas time, DisneyWorld, Cinderella Castle, Frozen music, Twinkly lights to look like icicles on the castle and Christmas decorations everywhere...enough said!! 

We were lucky enough to spend the six weeks leading up to Christmas back home in England, I was so happy to be going home for such a long period of time but I was just a teensy bit sad that I wouldn't get to experience all the Christmas things going on at Disney. Of course they have their decorations up quite early so I got to see some, but I didn't get to see it all in full swing. However, this day was our first day back at Disney after coming back from our Christmas travels and we were happy because they still had their giant Christmas tree up. As you can see it was also a rare quiet day at Magic Kingdom, so much so that we could clearly see the castle from one of the benches. On a normal day that area would have been packed. My husband and I just sat on the bench, in the sun, taking in our surroundings and thanking our lucky stars for all our amazing experiences. 
Disney definitely holds a special place in my heart and I look forward to the day we get to go back. Please share your smiles and memories with me in the comments, it can be a Disney moment or just a special memory that makes you smile thinking or looking at it! 

Until next time, keep smiling.

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