Happy Mom's Day! :)

Happy Mommies day to all the wonderful Mom's out there! Wishing you the best day! :) Mother's day has already been and gone in jolly old England, though we are firm believers in celebrating our Mum every day and telling her we love her every single second of the day, but we couldn't feel more blessed and grateful that we now get to celebrate American (and other countries?) Mom's day too! You see, we hit the jackpot when we both got married and our Mom in laws are the absolute best.

Momma O!

This adorable bundle of cuteness was raised right. I simply love my Momma O for that and many reasons! :) She is my second Mom, no questions about it, I am so lucky that we just click together. She looks after me, looks out for me and whenever she is around I feel at home. We both love to scrapbook and one of my most favourite, treasured scrapbooks is the one she made Chris and I for our wedding. The time and effort it would have taken her to complete that book (it's HUGE) shows what she does for her children, she simply goes above and beyond!! :) Family is the most important thing to my Mom, which I adore about her. She is also, always full of life and chatting away, which yes, she gets points for being a talker like me, and I count my lucky stars for getting her as a Mom in law! :)

Love you to the moon and back Mom! :)
Momma S!

There is no doubt that I know exactly where my Husband gets his energy, love of wrestling and fun loving nature from!! My mother in law is wonderful and always makes me smile, she is so supportive of her children and has taught them to go for their dreams no matter what and that she will be their cheering them on all the way. I'm lucky we have lots in common too, we both love baking, so I love getting to spend time in the kitchen with her when we go to Virginia. She looks out for us all the time and is always sending us boxes of goodies...she knows how much fun I have stocking up the kitchen. I love that she has so much energy and that we can chat for hours, she is very similar to my Mum in that way which makes me happy. :)

I am so blessed and grateful that I joined such a wonderful family, there are no horror Mother In Law stories here!!
We are both so thankful that we have three awesome families that came together to make one big "Totally Awesome" unit! Furthermore, our families wouldn't be complete without our Meme and Grandma who are quite simply the sweetest people in the world! You are amazing in every way and we love you both to pieces! :)
Happy Mother's day!!!
Love Lucy and Kelly xx

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