Be kind to yourself!

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel really sad and down on yourself? Where you somehow feel guilty for everything or mad at yourself for no real reason?

Well this is something I tend to do a lot.

At the beginning of the year I set myself a goal to 'work harder than I think I'm working' You see, I knew when I could be a little lazy or that there where times when I could have got stuff done but instead chose to read a book or simply distracted myself doing something else. And although reading a book shouldn't make you feel guilty and it's ok to do other things like tidy the apartment or do laundry, I did feel like I wasn't pushing myself enough to get certain projects completed or goals achieved. So at the start of the year I set about with this aforementioned phrase above, in mind.

"Work harder than I think I'm working." Now I have to say that since I geared myself up with this game plan, I most definitely feel like I am doing just that, yet somehow I still find that I can be quite mean to myself.  As I was walking back from work the other day, admittedly pretty beat and just exhausted, I started compiling lists in my head of what I hadn't done or what dreams I should have achieved by now. I was putting pressure on myself adding time frames to goals and getting down that they weren't happening quick enough, etc. Not only was I physically drained, I was making myself mentally drained and it didn't feel good. When I got home it felt like I was overwhelmed with all the things I had to do, instead of just getting on with them I simply wanted to curl up and put a movie on, and in a way give up for the night. Well, you know what?! After too many days feeling like that recently, on this day I decided to actually go ahead and put a movie on. I switched off from the world, my husband sat on the couch with me and I got lost in Captain America, The First Avenger. And Holy moly did I feel better. :p

I think sometimes its not only important to know when to push yourself and tell yourself to keep going, but it's equally important to tell yourself and allow yourself to have a break. I'm someone that will think about others all the time, which includes the dreaded, 'well I can't be tired, look at what they do.' And while yes at times that is great motivation, I don't believe we should live comparing ourselves to others, especially in that we all have different routines, we are all capable of different things. I think it can often be best to admire others but go about things your own way. Just for a small example, I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of person, I can't help it, if it gets past 9:30 and I'm not in bed I tend to freak out a little bit when I have to be up at 5:30. I know people who stay up a lot later and still get up early, so I have had times where I feel silly and guilty, but I'm learning that I am me and I shouldn't apologize for that. I know how I function best and I know that when I'm about to face 5 babies for 9 hours, I need my sleep! :p Of course there are times when I've worked on 4 hours sleep, mainly for TNA British Boot camp, and did indeed survive, but 9:30 on a school night is how I like it and I shouldn't feel bad. :)

So the point of this here blog today is just a gentle reminder to...

At this point in my life I am:

*Working a full time job, 7-4, where I am responsible for 5 babies. I adore working with children, but as those of you who are parents or fellow teachers will know, juggling 5 babies routines all at once can sometimes be a challenge, however, the smiles and cuddles always make up for tears and off days. :) 
* I keep up with my little blog, aiming to write at least 3 posts a week.
* I work on a YouTube channel and film videos and spend time prepping and thinking of ideas for said videos.
* I'm a wife and do my best to take care of my husband and fulfill all my wifey duties.
* I cook, I clean, do laundry, grocery shop.
* I am 4000 miles away from my family but always make time for Skype calls or if my Mum rings. Family is the most important thing and even when I have stuff to do, they come first.

Now I'm not writing all these things for a pat on the back or praise, as I guarantee you all do many things on this list in some capacity. Some of you may add being a parent, having a second, third or fourth job, juggling school, looking after brothers and sisters, etc, to the list, but my reason for sharing it with you is that I'm taking a step back and taking time to be proud of myself, to be kind to myself, and say 'wow' I am working hard. I'm working harder than ever to make my dreams come true. I've been brave this year and started up projects that I have been thinking about forever too and that in itself I am proud of also. :) So it's ok every now and again to allow yourself to say "I'm tired", it's ok to want to switch off and watch a movie without feeling guilty that you're not sending emails or looking at your phone, it's ok to stop and breathe and just for a second smile at what you have in front of you and what you are accomplishing each day, without always obsessing over the 'bigger picture'.

Dreams, goals, aspirations are all important, fun, exciting and awesome in keeping us motivated, happy and aiming for more out of life. But living in the moment, taking in every second of every day, allowing yourself to feel what you feel without comparison, judgment of yourself or negativity towards yourself is even more important for a happy and healthy, joy filled life! :)

So put your feet up, look around you, breathe, relax and smile...

Have a blessed day!

Love Lucy. xx

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  1. It so true. We can be overly hard on ourselves, especially when we feel like the weight of the world is on us. Taking the time we need to re-energize is definitely ideal.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog