Wish list! :)

Unless it's food or gifts for other people, I'm not really a shopper. Nowadays my husband must be present when I buy clothes, as he is a lot better at fashion than I am, though if I'm purchasing a Thor or Captain America shirt from Target, I'm all good! :p But generally shopping for clothes is not my idea of fun. I LOVE to food shop though, something I think both Kelly and I get from our Nanna and Grandad, and food most definitely is my weakness as far as spends, but as far as your day to day, I've always been more of a saver and take pride in being that way. I like to know that bills are paid and that I'm not wasting money. And sometimes, it's merely a case of me thinking "Do I really need it?" (thanks Mum :p ) In saying that though, one thing I do look forward to, is when I can save up for a treat. I think it's fun every now and again to know that you can put aside a little money and go grab a coffee or a bunch of scrapbooking paper, ooh or an awesome book and yep you guessed it...makeup! :p

Makeup has become somewhat of my new found hobby since I stopped wrestling and when I came across Jaclyn Hill. I can't really explain why, and it seems rather odd, as I wear a lot less of it now that I don't have to be on camera each week. But there's something about the pretty packaging and bright colours and confidence that it inspires that I just love. My makeup collection has grown considerably over the past year or so and I always enjoy receiving my Sephora emails or notifications that Jaclyn Hill or Nicole Guerriero have uploaded a video. :) I love chatting about makeup to my friend Angie from Chocolate and Lipstick and I have to say we are bad influences on each other... so here in lies my makeup wish list! :p Even if I don't purchase these items, and I most likely won't :p, I still enjoy lusting after them. Is that weird? Anywho, here goes!!

When Jaclyn Hill does her foundation, I just sit and stare. She is simply flawless and I love how glowing, radiant and healthy her skin looks. Therefore when she mentioned this product, I looked it up right away. It's rather on the expensive side so I would be interested in trying a sample first (if Sephora does that with all products?) to see if it works for my skin! :) Has anyone tried this product before?

Again, forgive me, Jaclyn Hill has quite the influence on me! ;p When she wore this colour, I just thought, yes please! It is a beautiful, pinky, red, vibrant shade, which looks slightly orange in certain lights to me, but it is gorgeous. I have recently become obsessed with shades like this which is new for me. I'm usually more pink and nudes. 

See the Kevyn Aucoin bit above, as that is exactly why I would love to try this foundation out! :)

I have been wearing my ColourPop blushes non stop. They are absolutely stunning. Of course they keep coming out with more gorgeous products and I just think they are so pretty and wonderful for the price! They are one of my favourite brands at the moment! :) 

Random wish list items, just because...yes please...take my money! :p

Are you a spender or a saver? Do you have a wish list and treat yourself every now and again? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Have a lovely day!

Love Lucy. xx


  1. Buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills lippie! You will die, they are so fab!!
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I may or may not have already done that this past weekend! :p Couldn't resist! Haha! <3 Have you heard of the other products? xxx

  2. I'm definitely a spender! Money burns a hole in my pocket, as they say! So I don't really have a wishlist, if I think of something I want, I usually just go and buy it, assuming I can afford it! I think I need to learn to save more for the future though and be a bit more responsible now that I'm getting older!! :) xx